A pediatric EHR platform built for operational strength

Our practice management features help you keep up with your patient flow and expand your patient reach beyond the practice walls.

Get the pediatric-specific features you need to be operationally strong

Stop wasting time with a generic EHR that wasn’t built for operational strength. You need to be able to schedule patients quickly, complete patient forms, and manage patient communications without bringing your practice workflows to a screeching halt.


Arrival Notification

Give parents and staff some peace of mind by allowing patients to check in and pay their copays from their cars! Patients receive automatic texts to confirm their arrival, pay their copay, and proceed into an open exam room.

Automated School & Camp Forms

OP eliminates the task of completing school, sport, and camp forms by transferring patient data from the chart to your selection from over 200 state and national school, sport, and camp forms with the click of a button.

Family Structure Management

Blended families, adoption, divorce, and alternative primary caregivers can be difficult for generic EHRs to manage. But, with OP's unique family structure management, there’s less data entry for your staff and no redundant paperwork for parents.

Patient Portal

Now, more than ever, parents and guardians need to be able to access their child’s health information, and having a patient portal integrated with your pediatric EHR is the easiest way to provide that access.

Interoperability & Connectivity

Streamlining workflows within your practice walls or within the scope of your pediatric EHR is one thing. But, maintaining that consistency and efficiency beyond your practice is quite another. OP seamlessly connects you with others who participate in the care of your patients by leveraging a suite of interoperability solutions.

Learn how our pediatric-specialty EHR can make your practice operationally strong.