A pediatric EHR platform built for financial management

With our suite of financial management tools, you’ll not only optimize your reimbursements but you’ll be able to easily keep track of your practice’s financial health, making sure you never leave money on the table.

Get the pediatric-specific features you need for financial management

Stop wasting time with a generic EHR that wasn’t built for pediatric-specialty financial management. Like many specialties, pediatric billing has its challenges. You need an EHR that doesn’t confine you to workarounds and manual workflows.


In-house Billing

Pediatric practices who perform their billing in-house will find that a pediatric-specialty EHR makes all the difference. Superbills are created as providers document visits, making billing for services easy and straightforward.

Integrated Claim Scrubber

Claim denials decrease billing productivity, and delay or even risk practice revenue. With OP’s Integrated Claim Scrubber, you’ll stop denials before they start.

Integrated Patient Payments

Collecting patient payments can be a challenge, but with OP and InstaMed on your side and best practices in place, you'll have uninterrupted cash flow and reduced patient statements and collection efforts.

Pediatric RCM Services

Partner with OP's Pediatric RCM team to employ a combination of both good pediatric billing practices and active monitoring of claim activity.

Practice Analytics

Reports are necessary. But, they’re static and are limited to producing results based on the parameters you set. With OP’s Practice Analytics solution, your everyday “reports” are taken to a whole new level.

Learn how our pediatric-specialty EHR meets your practice’s financial management needs.