Family Structure Management

Family structures come in all shapes and sizes. Blended families, adoptions, divorced parents, and grandparents acting as primary caregivers can be difficult for pediatric practices to manage. How do you deal with medical histories and insurance information that may differ from sibling to sibling? And how do you easily share similar information without creating a lot of busy work? It’s easy when you use a pediatric-specialty EHR like OP! 

Less redundant paperwork for you and your patients

Say goodbye to repetitive manual data entry for your staff and paperwork chaos for your patients. OP simplifies the linking of related patients, whether biologically related or not, with a unique approach to “families”. Imagine being able to seamlessly link patients based on their history, biological parents, and financial guarantors. It’s not just about supporting complex family structures; it’s a journey into streamlined efficiency, ensuring a hassle-free healthcare experience for all.

Watch how easy it is to streamline the entry of Family and Social Histories across patients in a complex family structure >>>

Social Families

OP lets you link patients together so you can quickly document a family’s social history. Clinical staff and healthcare providers can collect social history information from one patient and apply it to all other family members. There’s no need to duplicate your efforts. Linkage is unlimited and can be connected to a central phone number or ID, so all family members stay connected even if they don’t share the same last name or address.

If you need to update an email address, add the name of a new pet, or change a parent’s marital status for multiple family members, just make the edits in one patient chart. Everyone else linked to the same social family has the changes auto-populated and updated in their chart.

Foster children and blended families can also be combined under a single main account to make updating records easier. Having linked social families also makes contact tracing uncomplicated for your staff.

Why you’ll love it!

You won’t risk calling the wrong number or texting an inactive cell phone just because a new number was only updated for one sibling, which is a common problem with generic EHRs. Reminder messages for upcoming appointments are guaranteed to be delivered and your staff doesn’t have to waste time looking up new contact information. Parents love it because they don’t have to fill out the same forms over and over for every family member in your care. With OP’s Social Family, records are always accurate and up-to-date.

Financial Families

Shortening the patient A/R curve is critical to the financial viability of your pediatric practice. That’s why you must make it simple for families to understand their billing statements and pay their bills.

OP lets you link patients together to create ONE financial family – even when siblings aren’t living in the same home. It eliminates the need to send multiple statements for patients with the same guarantor. And you don’t have to worry about overlapping statements or families being confused about which bills have already been paid for each child in your care.

The setup is very simple. Link patients as a Financial Family as long as they all have the same guarantor. Once linked, you can transfer family credits and balances among siblings, then send one billing statement to the patient portal. It’s that simple!

Why you’ll love it!

Save time for your front desk and billing staff. Linked Financial Families allows you to copy insurance information from one child to anyone in the family who has the same guarantor, removing the need for manual entry. And billers won’t have to spend time analyzing multiple statements to help a parent understand how much money they owe your practice. It’s all right there in one place.

Genetic Families

Our pediatric-specialty EHR makes it incredibly easy for your staff to link the medical family history of genetic parents to all siblings in your practice without having to ask the same questions over and over.

Genetic Families also reduces “information fatigue” for parents who have to fill out the same forms for every child seen at your practice. This helps to maintain accuracy, so you don’t miss critical markers that may help with a diagnosis. OP’s pediatric-friendly Genetic Family feature also makes it simple to add a new baby as a patient. With the click of a button, you can instantly populate the medical family history.

It really can be this simple. Saving time on manual data entry tasks is the key to running a more efficient pediatric practice, and when you use the family-friendly features in OP, you’ll do just that.

Why you’ll love it!

You won’t have to start from scratch with family medical histories for patients who have identical information, and you won’t have parents complaining about “another form to fill out” that requests the same information about their children. Having accurate family histories also helps with medical decision-making with information that’s available right at your fingertips.

It really can be this simple. Saving time on manual data entry tasks is the key to running a more efficient pediatric practice, and when you use the family-friendly features in OP, you’ll do just that. Let our pediatric EHR do the work for you so you can spend more time on patient care and other revenue-generating tasks.

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