Arrival Notification

Facilitate automated text communications between families and your office, allowing patients to “announce” their arrival at your office and pay their copay from the safety of their own cars. With Arrival Notification, patients will be able to bypass the waiting room entirely.

A simple solution to decreasing traffic in your waiting room

Arrival Notification, known as “Curbside” arrival, is integrated into OP’s pediatric-specific EHR, allowing you to significantly reduce the volume of people in the waiting room.

From scheduling to arrival to care, everything is performed and documented in OP:

  • Remind patients of appointment time and copayment amount prior to visit
  • Monitor arrival of expected curbside visits from OP’s Tracking Screen
  • Instruct patients to proceed to specific exam rooms
  • Collect copayments digitally via the text link

Key benefits of Arrival Notification

  • Reduce the number of human interactions
  • Eliminate workflow inefficiencies because it’s integrated into OP’s EHR
  • Increase patient collections while offering contactless convenience
  • Provide staff with peace of mind

If your practice has a separate sick entrance or portion of the practice, incorporating Arrival Notification into your workflow means you can free up this space to use it for other revenue-generating purposes, including more exam rooms or lactation appointment rooms. Plus, if there isn’t a separate area for sick patients, the need to share the space with sick and well patients will be eliminated.

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