Pediatric Visit Templates

Decrease your documentation time with visit templates that are truly designed for pediatricians. With OP’s pediatric-specialty visit templates, you’ll breeze through your documentation by being able to create a template on the fly, layer templates for multiple diagnostic conditions, and even add a sick to a well visit. 

Comprehensive visit templates that save you time

Pediatric visit templates are just one of the ways OP helps pediatricians better manage their workdays while providing exceptional care for their patients. Having integrated pediatric-specific templates for well, sick, telehealth, and behavioral health appointments makes it easier to chart and bill for patient visits.

Well Visit Templates & Surveys

The Bright Futures™ Guidelines provide theory-based and evidence-driven guidance for all preventive care screenings to improve the health and well-being of children. It’s why OP has chosen to use the AAP-recommended “Periodicity Schedule” for our Well Visit templates, surveys, screenings, and assessments. 

OP also comes with 30+ pediatric-specific surveys including M-CHAT™, Vanderbilt Assessments, and CHADIS. These surveys can be sent through the patient portal so families can complete them prior to the visit. Teens and parents can fill out their surveys wherever it’s convenient for them giving you time to review the results before they arrive for their Well Visit.

Sick Visit Encounter Templates

OP comes with 200+ out-of-the-box templates for documenting sick encounters that can be tailored to your specific requirements. These templates can be combined, customized, and used for multiple diagnoses. When documenting a Sick Visit during a Well Visit, our pediatric-friendly EHR automatically applies the -25 modifier, ensuring that you get paid for all of your work.

Telehealth Templates

Telehealth is here to stay! In order to incorporate preventive medicine services performed virtually, OP offers a telehealth templates package. Our standard Well Visit templates have been adapted for telehealth use and the visits are covered by most insurance plans. 

Behavioral Health Templates

Pediatric mental health is in crisis. To help pediatricians manage the influx of patients needing mental health care, OP developed a behavioral health template package. The package includes templates that give pediatricians a framework for various behavioral health visits, such as anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, ADHD, and others. These templates include a combination of additional HPI, ROS, counseling, and care plan sections.

Time is money!

One OP client in Maryland transitioned from a non-specialty EHR to OP’s pediatric-specialty EHR and immediately saw a 50% decrease in her documentation time because her templates were based on Bright Futures.

The decrease in documentation time allowed the practice to see more patients, increasing its revenue. Each visit template already includes pediatric workflows to increase office efficiencies for immunizations, surveys, handouts, lab work, and other orders making it faster and easier to chart.

What would you do with 50% more time in your day?

Key benefits

Right from the start

In OP, using the right template starts when a patient schedules an appointment. The reason for a visit is noted and a template is assigned that carries over to the visit that day. No need to go searching for the correct template – or create one yourself – it’s all right there in the patient chart.

Patient Recalls

Based on the AAP Periodicity Schedule, you can easily recall patients who are overdue for Well Visits, then assign the correct templates to their chart so a provider can immediately open a template and begin the visit.

Streamlined Documentation

Having templates specific for acute and chronic pediatric conditions helps providers increase the efficiency of documenting a visit. It also improves adherence to clinical guidelines for those conditions. You don’t need to stop and create templates on the fly. Everything you need is right there at your fingertips.

Template Sharing

You have access to templates created by your peers thanks to an OP Pediatric Community of 6,500 pediatricians. Looking for a template to document an uncommon disease or templates written in Spanish? Don’t start from scratch. Try the OP Community listserv. Our members are always happy to share templates they’ve already built.

“I am totally in love with the templates.”

Dr. Parul Bawa, Springdale Mason Pediatrics

“The visit prompts are on point, leaving little room for error.”

Rhonda Bernard, Office Manager, Iberia Pediatrics Inc, LA

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