In-House Pediatric Billing & Clearinghouses 

Pediatric practices who perform their billing in-house will find that a pediatric-specialty EHR makes all the difference. OP, the first-of-its-kind certified pediatric-specialty EHR, is a true testament to this— featuring several pediatric EHR integrations and billing tools to make in-house pediatric billing easy and straightforward.

A simplified in-house billing experience

From documentation to dollars

Nobody knows better what care was provided during a visit than the providers themselves. As they go about their normal workflows, electronic superbill charges are created as the patient is being seen, through by the actual medical work as it is performed. This automatic charge creation increases the accuracy of your claims and the speed of claims submission.

Reduced manual claim interaction

Does your practice’s in-house pediatric billing team rely on post-its or scribbled notes to remind them of various claim edits that need to be made before claim submission? With just a little bit of setup in OP’s Advanced Workflow and Rules Engine (OP AWARE), you’ll be able to ditch the stickies and manual claim interaction! OP AWARE is built on an action and trigger framework that you define and takes care of all the manual work for you. This cuts down on the time you spend posting and prepping charges and expedites overall claim turnaround time.

Fully integrated claim cycle support

OP is proud to partner with three industry-leading clearinghouses— Availity, InstaMed, and Waystar. All three solutions are fully integrated with OP, enabling insurance and claim information to flow seamlessly between our solution and theirs.

Level up your in-house pediatric billing and boost your revenue

What if you could see if your claims don’t meet payer guidelines before they’re submitted? With OP’s integrated Claim Scrubber, you can! Combine Claim Scrubber functionality with OP AWARE, and you have a dynamic billing solution that combines your billing expertise with your payer’s claim requirements, improving the likelihood of your claims getting paid the first time, every time.

To get the most out of OP’s billing and financial solution, partner with our Pediatric RCM Services, a team of pediatric billing experts who are committed to employing a combination of both good pediatric billing practices and active monitoring of claim performance to improve the financial outcomes of pediatric practices.

  • Full-cycle electronic claim processing – Claims go out and acknowledgment reports and front-end rejections come back, often within hours. This quick turnaround means you won’t have to wait days to find out if a claim was stopped at the clearinghouse “door”.
  • On-Demand claim status updates – No more waiting on hold or being forced to payer websites
  • Electronic payments – With the click of a button, electronic remittances (ERAs) come directly into OP and are mapped to outstanding claims for instant approval and posting to patient charts.
  • Payment of patient balances – Credit cards saved on file when the patient was in the office

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