OP Patient Portal

Now, more than ever, parents and guardians need to be able to access their child’s health information, and having a patient portal integrated with your pediatric EHR is the easiest way to provide that access. Our secure, HIPAA-compliant portal connects parents and patients with your practice without missing a beat. From flexible scheduling options to empowering parents or guardians to access their child’s health information, your patient portal will quickly become a reliable member of your practice team! Learn more about the 21st Century Cures Act and Information Sharing >>

Perks of an OP Patient Portal

Peace of mind

You know your patients best. With factors like varying family structures and adolescent privacy, protecting health information is a top priority. OP's unique privacy settings translate to portal visibility ensuring that sensitive information never winds up in the wrong hands.

Improved communications and documentation

An easy-to-use messaging system allows secure messages to be sent from the patient portal to practice staff and vice-versa. You can also share handouts, school forms, excuse notes, asthma plans, and more— all of which is saved directly to the patient's chart.

Patient/parent self-service

Parents can view their child’s full health record, including demographics, lab results, upcoming appointments, and medication and immunization lists from an iPhone or Android mobile device or a desktop or laptop computer.

Decreased phone calls for routine requests

Parents can easily schedule or request appointments, request a form be completed, request a referral, and request medication refills, all without ever picking up the phone! This will minimize phone disruptions so that staff can complete other tasks.

More time focused on patient care

With administrative tasks out of the way, you'll have more time in your day to focus on what really matters— providing exceptional pediatric care.

Active patients have access to, and control over, their own information. It's empowering.
- Stephen Lant, IT Coordinator, Complete Children’s Health

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