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Drummond Pediatric Health IT Certified EHR

Generic EHRs were built for the lowest common denominator: adults. But as every pediatrician knows, children are not just tiny adults – they have specific needs and requirements that must be accounted for during treatment. Office Practicum has been dedicated to the needs of pediatricians from day one, and is proud to demonstrate this dedication by becoming the first to be recognized as a Drummond Pediatric Health IT Certified EHR.

Setting the bar for pediatric excellence

When the 21st Century Cures Act was signed into law, the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) was required to establish criteria for the voluntary certification of EHRs used in pediatric settings, recognizing that the broad criteria settled on for the Cures Act would not always apply to children. What resulted were 10 recommendations made by the ONC, which were then developed into a voluntary certification program by Drummond, the leading Authorized Certification Body (ACB) and Accredited Test Lab (ATL) for the ONC.

Office Practicum was the first EHR to achieve this new certification, specifically for the ambulatory clinical setting, receiving special advanced achievements in Care Team/Planning, Data Exchange & Interoperability, Immunization, Medication Management, Quality Reporting, and Well Child Care.

Drummond Certified Pediatric Health IT

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Care Team/Planning

OP supports a wide range of workflows when it comes to management of a patient’s health, with the system supporting information sharing across multiple care team members, a comprehensive set of family structure situations out of the box, flags for patients with special needs, and more.

Quality Reporting

Ready to start putting your practice’s data to work? With OP, quality reporting is available out of the box, empowering your team to identify various cohorts of patients depending on your goals. Want to increase your well visit rate? Identify and message any overdue patient in just minutes, prompting them to schedule an appointment. Trying to put together reporting for your PCMH application? We’re here to help.

Medication Management

With the complexities involved in dosing for children versus adults, pediatric medication management is one area with huge potential impacts to patient safety if not done right. OP maintains an evidence-based database of commonly recommended pediatric dosing guidelines out of the box, helping to catch errors that may occur as prescriptions are written.

Advanced Immunization

Since 2019, OP has been recognized by the HIMSS Immunization Integration Program (IIP), which brings together key health IT stakeholders to improve immunization interoperability, information sharing and management. Supported by the robust VacLogic+ engine, OP providers have administered more than 60 million vaccines over the past decade.

Data Exchange & Interoperability

As an ONC-certified EHR, OP offers FHIR API Documentation with the goal of integrating with external vendors and systems as easily and securely as possible to help encourage interoperability opportunities for its practices. And now that we’re connected to Carequality, you’ll have access to the data you need to deliver the best care possible to your patients.

Well Child Care

Well child care is an area where OP exceeds, giving your clinical team the tools they need to document all newborn information and monitor their progress and growth effectively. Educate your patients and their caregivers with pediatric age-specific handouts and resources from the AAP, and ensure their charts are up-to-date via questionnaires completed in the office or at home via the patient portal.

As a pediatric-specialty EHR, everything we do is for the pediatric community. Our software functions exclusively to support the care needs of kids - something we know is missing from generic EHRs. We also know the complexity and nuances for pediatricians when it comes to sharing health data and maintaining an accessible central record of pertinent information and confidentiality. Meeting and exceeding ONC compliance as a certified EHR is one way we go the distance to support the providers who depend on us to stay on track with industry change. - Dr. Dan Feiten, Chief Medical Officer at Office Practicum

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