Harnesses the latest in video and speech technology for a true virtual care platform.

pediatric telehealth

Stay connected with your practice families – wherever they are.

Now more than ever, your patients and their families want to feel connected, and offering telehealth is the perfect way to do that when an in-office appointment just doesn’t work. But not all telehealth services are created equal, and if you want to have a great “virtual visit”, you need to think about the platform you provide. Remedy Telehealth is more than just another video conferencing service – it’s a HIPAA compliant virtual care platform that takes the latest in video conferencing and speech dictation technology and combines it with all the features pediatricians – and patients – need the most.

Connect with ease - there's no app to download to join the call

Accommodate multiple participants and group rooms for 5-30 people, with chat messaging available in all rooms.

Customizable registration forms and progress notes let you work the way you want to work

Aftercare instructions and articles can be sent via text or email

Built in scheduling and payment processing are automated for a seamless workflow

US-based, 24/7 customer service means after-hours support is just a call away

Brick and mortar or “click” and mortar. Now you – and your patients – don’t have to choose. You can provide exceptional care wherever you or your patients might be when you use the Remedy Telehealth platform.

Very easy to use for both provider and patient. Our office has used another popular telehealth service in past - we were always struggling getting parents connected to the visit. Also, you can’t beat the financial savings.

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