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A Pediatric EHR designed by pediatricians, for pediatricians

Your patients are unique– why not use the first-of-its-kind Drummond certified pediatric EHR to treat them? Recognized for advanced achievements in the management of pediatric use cases, OP lets you treat children like children, not “little adults”. That’s an experience you won’t have with a generic, adult-centric EHR.

Being the first pediatric-specialty EHR to receive Drummond’s Pediatric Health IT Certification and advanced achievement in six core areas is a testament to over 35 years dedicated to building technology solutions for the unique needs of pediatric practices - empowering them to do more in less time than generic EHRs. Meeting and exceeding ONC compliance is just one way we support the providers who depend on us to stay on track with industry change. - Kraig Brown, Former Office Practicum CEO

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Time-saving Pediatric EHR Documentation & Visit Features

Reclaim the lost hours in your day with pediatric EHR functionality that cuts down on documentation time so that you can spend more time on what really matters.

Visit Templates

Age and symptom-specific templates based on Bright Future protocols await your customization. Or, choose from 200+ out-of-the-box templates. OP's robust templates include integrated AAP Bright Futures™ questionnaires, over 30 pediatric-specific surveys, patient education, and developmental milestones.


OP's proprietary VacLogic+ solution makes it easy to keep your patients up-to-date on their vaccines and your community safe. It follows ACIP guidelines and supports the entire immunization process- from inventory management to alerts and rationale for recommended vaccines.

Pediatric Growth Charts & Vital Measurements

With OP's hybrid WHO/CDC growth charts, Down Syndrome and preemie growth curves, and vital measurements based on Harriet Lane and AAP guidelines, keeping up with growing kids is easy!

ePrescribing (eRx)

OP's integrated eRx solution features med-allergy checking, weight-based dosing, and two-way pharmacy communication to decrease disruption and provide more information to prescribers about medications. Plus, with Med and Pharmacy Favorites, ePrescribing in OP is consistently easy!

Electronic School & Camp Forms

One-click completion of school and camp forms saves countless hours of manual work! All relevant information is transferred to corresponding data fields to create a form that can be printed or shared to the patient portal. These forms are easily customizable for unique state and region requirements.

Patient Recalls

Whether you need to bring a patient back in for a second vaccine dose or make sure your patients are seen for their Well Visits, OP's various Patient Recall options give you the flexibility you need to stay on top of follow-up care items.

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Seamless Access to Pediatric Resources & Screening Tools

Don’t waste time tracking down survey results or scrounging for pediatric resources. With OP, pediatric care advice, patient education, and scored screening tools are just a click away.

AAP Bright Futures Parent and Patient Handouts

Created for parents and patients alike, the AAP Bright Future Patient Education handouts provide essential information for health supervision care from infancy through adolescence. These resources can easily be sent from OP to the patient portal, reducing wasted paper without sacrificing patient care.

Pediatric Care Advice (PCA) from Dr. Barton Schmitt

Created by Dr. Barton Schmitt, these handouts provide parents and patients with the information they need to remain safe and healthy — no memorization necessary. The PCA library contains 283 primary care handouts covering the top 200 pediatric diagnoses plus, handouts on behavioral and prevention topics.

Surveillance & Screening Tools

OP provides integrated surveillance and screening tools such as CRAFFT Screening, Autism M-CHAT-R (Scored), PHQ-2 & 9, Asthma Control Test (ACT), and Bright Futures Developmental Questionnaires to effectively assess your patients’ overall health, development, mental health and more. We also offer bi-directional integration with CHADIS®, the leading provider of online pediatric developmental surveillance tools such as Ages and Stages (ASQ™), M-CHAT™, and Vanderbilt ADHD assessments.

Seamless surveys: When surveys are completed online, the results are sent directly to the patient’s chart for review prior to a visit. This gives the provider information in advance on how to prioritize the visit.

Enhanced Revenue: Many of the screenings included in OP are covered services in addition to routine preventive care. Automatic charge capture ensures that you don't miss the opportunity to bill for these screenings, maximizing revenue that may be missed by a generic EHR.

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