Empowering Your Staff


Today’s evolving healthcare environment, shifting payer landscapes, and security concerns are making it harder for pediatricians to focus on the caring for patients. OP understands the challenges faced by today’s pediatric providers, because its founders and leaders are pediatricians too.

Practice Owner

Owning your own practice allows you to connect with your patients on your terms. But keeping up with the changes in healthcare, managing rising business costs, and navigating complicated insurance reimbursements can become overwhelming.

Time is money, and as an owner of a pediatric practice, you know that every penny counts. OP simplifies these challenges, so you can focus on what you do best—caring for your patients.

Practice Manager

Managing the daily operations of a pediatric practice is no easy task. Add in the complex elements of pediatrics, and the role is even more challenging. For small and large practices alike, practice managers are often responsible for developing business strategies, formulating budgets, designing patient services, and implementing work policies for employees. By providing pediatric-specific solutions and features, OP helps you minimize the time you spend on manual administrative tasks while achieving an increase in overall practice profitability.


Daily life for pediatric nurses is hectic and unpredictable. However, the desire to provide excellent quality care never falters. But with added responsibilities and increased reporting requirements, nurses are finding it more difficult to complete routine tasks. OP helps to reduce your daily workload while increasing productivity through the use of pediatric resources and product features.

Front Desk

Front desk staff are oftentimes the first point of contact for your patients, and the backbone of a pediatric practice. They are expert multi-taskers who are organized and efficient, and provide exceptional customer service to your practice’s families.

Better office management decisions allow you to move patients through your practice simply and smoothly, and that’s what you’ll get with OP.

IT Staff

Maintaining servers can be costly, time-consuming and unpredictable, especially for pediatric offices without dedicated, top tier IT support. With rising cyber security threats, practices are facing mounting pressures to invest in complicated technologies and systems that require regular maintenance to protect patient records and ensure compliance. OP Cloud is a fully managed solution that helps remove the financial and operational burden pediatric practices would normally encounter using a client server set-up.

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