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Tips to Keep Your Pediatric Practice Running Smoothly While You’re On Vacation

It’s summertime, and while many pediatricians dream of a relaxing getaway, the thought of leaving their practice unattended can be a major source of stress. The constant need to be available for patient calls can make it challenging to truly disconnect. 

Fortunately, there are powerful tools designed to help pediatricians break free from that feeling of being on call every hour of the day — and night. Comprehensive 24/7 pediatric answering services and pediatric-focused online patient education resources offer solutions that allow doctors to enjoy some well-deserved time off, knowing their patients will still receive the care and support they need.

The On-Call Challenge

The perpetual on-call demands of pediatric care have long been a source of stress and burnout.  Off-hours phone calls could signal an emergency, making it difficult for pediatricians to truly disconnect during their time off. Fortunately, there are solutions to ease that burden.

Finding Downtime with a 24/7 Pediatric Answering Service

A reliable 24/7 answering service is more than just a convenience; it’s peace of mind for pediatricians who need to step away. Knowing your patients always have access to trained professionals lets you unplug and enjoy your well-deserved vacation without worry. It’s a simple solution that gives you the freedom to relax, knowing your patients are in good hands.

Remedy OnCall, a 24/7 answering service tailored to pediatrics, lets you unwind without compromising patient care. Here’s how it supports your practice:

  • Protect your privacy: A secure messaging app lets you forward messages to other healthcare providers who are covering for you while you’re out of the office. A masked phone number for return calls allows you to maintain your privacy if you need to contact a patient while you’re away.
  • Professional pediatric triage: Trained representatives differentiate between urgent pediatric cases (like high fevers or breathing difficulties) and those that can wait until office hours.
  • On-the-go care: If an urgent matter is identified, you can instantly launch a billable virtual telehealth appointment, anywhere you are.
  • Parent reassurance: Provides a professional point of contact for anxious parents seeking guidance on their child’s health concerns, 24/7.
  • Full-time coverage: After-hours, holiday, and vacation calls aren’t all we do. Our team also manages patient calls during lunch breaks and other busy times throughout the day so your staff can focus on other important tasks.

Letting Families Self-Serve: Online Patient Education

In today’s tech-driven world, access to information is changing the way patients engage with healthcare providers. For pediatric practices, online patient education represents a significant shift in how you support and empower your families to find what they need when they need it.

Online patient education serves multiple purposes in modern pediatric practice:

  • Information on demand: Families can access reliable, pediatrician-approved information at any time, addressing concerns as they arise.
  • Health literacy: By providing clear, accessible content, parents can better understand their child’s health, leading to better-informed decisions and clinical outcomes.
  • Preventive care: Educational resources can emphasize the importance of routine check-ups, immunizations, and healthy lifestyle choices to support healthier outcomes for kids.
  • Cultural competence: Multilingual resources ensure that diverse patient populations have equal access to important health information.
  • Patient autonomy: With access to symptom checkers and medication guides, parents can make more confident decisions about when to seek professional care. This helps reduce the number of non-urgent calls to your pediatric practice.

Expert Patient Engagement Solutions

Partnering with a pediatric patient engagement expert like RemedyConnect provides you with online patient education materials packed with over 900 educational articles specifically for children. These resources cover everything from common illnesses and immunizations to developmental milestones and what to do in case of an emergency. Multilingual support materials are available in both English and Spanish, offering accessibility for diverse patient populations. Remedy’s online medical content library also tackles a frequent question in pediatric care: over-the-counter medication dosing. Our comprehensive section provides clear instructions by symptom and type, saving parents the hassle of calling your office for routine guidance.

Balancing Patient Care and Self-Care

Pediatric online patient education and 24/7 answering services offer pediatricians a unique opportunity to enhance patient care while also prioritizing their own well-being. By providing parents with comprehensive online resources to address minor concerns, you can reduce the frequency of unnecessary calls and visits. By streamlining operations and ensuring continuous access to care, you can finally enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your patients are well-supported, even when you’re not in the office.

So go ahead, and start planning that vacation you always dreamed about.

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