Financial Analytics 

Reports. Love them or hate them, they’re necessary for gathering information about your practice’s financials, productivity, etc. But, they’re static and are limited to producing results based on the parameters you set. With OP’s Financial Analytics, your everyday “reports” are taken to a whole new level.

Better for your business

If you sat down and created a list of all the reasons why you became a pediatrician, we bet you wouldn’t list that you love running reports or that you even wanted to run a business! But, there you are trying to figure out which report to run to get to some obscure piece of data that you’re not even sure how you’ll act on. 

Enter Financial Analytics— a dashboard-based solution that gives you best practice reporting at your fingertips. Without having to build and run reports and then try to figure out what you are looking at, OP Financial Analytics will not only save you time but will provide you with the clarity you need to help you make key decisions for your practice. You’ll have increased visibility and better insights into your practice’s overall financial health.

More than “billing reports”

The dashboards you get with Financial Analytics are focused on more than tracking claim activity. They’re not just another iteration of your standard “billing reports”. With Financial Analytics, you’ll get an entire suite of dashboards that will help you measure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), such as those benchmarked by the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA). You’ll easily be able to see how your practice is doing compared to yesterday, last week, or even last year.

Here are some examples of what you can measure:

  • Financial success
  • Schedule utilization
  • Insurance payer trends
  • Vaccine trends
  • Productivity
  • and much more!

Key Highlights

  • Directly accessible from within OP
  • Simple and intuitive design
  • Current dataset as of yesterday’s close of business
  • Interactive worklists to easily work on patient claims
  • A variety of graphical representations
  • Easy-to-use drill-down functionality to dig into different levels of data

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