Decrease documentation time and enhance quality of care.

An EHR designed for pediatricians, by pediatricians

OP’s integrated pediatric EHR functionality allows you to decrease the amount of work you allocate to charting encounters and documenting office visits so you can spend more time on what really matters.

You have unique needs with the patients you treat, and will benefit from custom features, reports, and templates to let you treat children like children, not “little adults”. Be in complete control of your day with a solution that complements your workflows, contains smooth navigation tools, and simplifies your patient visits with time-saving pediatric resources placed right at your fingertips.

Cut documentation time in half

Reclaim the lost hours in your day. OP’s integrated pediatric EHR functionality allows you to decrease the amount of work you allocate to charting encounters and documenting office visits so you can spend more time on what really matters. OP’s time saving features include:


Our proprietary VacLogic™ system doesn’t just keep your patients healthy, it can serve as a profit center for your practice. VacLogic™ follows ACIP guidelines and supports the entire immunization process – from inventory management for VFC and private stock to issuing alerts and suggested rationale for recommended vaccines. This system even helps you decide when and how much to restock, so you don’t keep too much of your cashflow in the fridge. Automated tracking eliminates the need for manual input by your staff, makes recalls a breeze, and keeps your patients up-to-date and protected against vaccine-preventable diseases.

Patient Recalls & Automated Reminders

OP’s pediatric software makes it effortless to run patient recall reports to keep patients on schedule for well visits and immunizations to increase patient compliance and provide them with the best care. Recall reports are also helpful in managing patients with chronic conditions that require routine follow up.

Electronic School and Camp Forms

One-click completion of school and camp forms save countless hours of work your staff may be performing by hand. All relevant information – including the most recent color photograph of the patient – is transferred into the corresponding data fields to create a legible, printable form that can be shared on the patient portal. These forms can be easily customized for states and regions with unique reporting requirements.

Immunization Registries

Make manual entries a thing of the past! With OP’s pediatric EHR and software, you can electronically submit to any supported state’s immunization registry. If your state supports it, a new patient’s immunization chart can be populated instantly – no transcription required. OP records lot numbers and doses as they are administered, automatically updating your private and VFC vaccine inventory, while creating an inventory report. It also provides a quick and easy way to find patients if a vaccine recall is issued.

I am a thorough documenter, and OP’s ease of use and pediatric templates have helped me decrease my documentation time by 50%.
– Jessica Zeller, CPNP with Bright Oaks Pediatrics

Pediatric materials, right at your fingertips

You shouldn’t have to spend the majority of your time tracking down survey results, searching for pediatric resources, or figuring out how to deal with a complex family situation. With OP, you’ll get a repository of pediatric materials and integrated features that will lighten your workload and give your patients the information they need – all right there at their fingertips. You are just a click away from:

Bright Futures Templates

Bright Futures Guidelines provide theory-based and evidence-driven guidance for all preventive care screenings and well visits from birth to age 21. These templates are the cornerstone of pediatrics, and can be used for disease detection, disease prevention, health promotion, and anticipatory guidance. Integrated within OP, Bright Futures templates will help you improve the quality of care you provide to your patients.​​

Pediatric Growth Charts

We specialize in pediatric growth charts. Specialized chart options include Down Syndrome and preemie specific growth curves based on CDC and WHO norms so you can track your patients appropriately. OP auto-plots data into our integrated growth charts, then calculates BMI and issues alerts for abnormal values. No more manual entry or guesswork – OP takes care of it for you. And parents will love the colorful copy they get to keep for themselves!

Surveillance & Screening Tools

OP provides integrated surveillance and screening tools to effectively assess your patients’ overall health, development, mental health and more. These include CRAFFT Screening, Autism M-CHAT-R (Scored), PHQ-2 & 9, Asthma Control Test (ACT), Bright Futures Developmental Questionnaires, and many more.

  • Seamless surveys. When parents complete surveys online, results are sent directly to the patient’s chart and your Surveys inbox for review prior to a visit. This increases office efficiency and can give providers information in advance on how to prioritize the visit.
  • Enhanced Revenue. Many of the validated screening tools included in OP are paid as covered services in addition to routine preventive care. Marking the results as complete automatically places the appropriate code to the superbill for improved charge capture.

OP also offers bi-directional portal-to-portal integration with CHADIS® (Child Health and Development Interactive System), the leading provider of online pediatric developmental surveillance tools that includes Ages and Stages (ASQ™), M-CHAT™, and Vanderbilt ADHD assessments. CHADIS® integration helps to streamline your workflow and maximize revenue that may not otherwise be recognized by an off-the-shelf EHR. CHADIS® integration is available at no additional cost to OP customers who subscribe to CHADIS®. Call 888-424-2347 to reach the CHADIS® sales department or visit their website at, for subscription information.

Online Telephone Triage Protocols

OP offers online decision support tools for pediatric triage nurses with ClearTriage – Dr. Barton Schmitt’s Pediatric Telephone Protocols – that is used by over 90% of pediatric call centers and a majority of pediatric practices in North America. Meant to be simple and intuitive, OP users can launch ClearTriage directly from the message screen in OP, and easily insert the triage notes as a message in the patient’s record.

ClearTriage integration is available at no additional cost to OP customers who subscribe to ClearTriage. Call 800-755-3545 to reach the ClearTriage sales department or visit their website at, for subscription information.

  • Faster, Safer Triage Calls – ClearTriage keeps track of the decisions a triage nurse makes during a call including the protocol used, disposition selected and care advice given, reducing typing and allowing the triage nurse to focus on the patient instead of documenting the call.
  • Dosage Tables – Built-in medication dosage tables provide a quick, visual way to determine the correct dosage based on patient age/weight and formulation. Dosage recommendations are automatically recorded and included in call documentation.
  • Easy-to-Use – ClearTriage is carefully designed to make it easy to learn and use, allowing your triage nurse to focus on the patient and not the software.
The software makes all the tedious aspects of charting and billing so much easier. It allows me to focus on my patients so I can enjoy my practice, just as the first day.
– Michel Cohen, MD with Tribeca Pediatrics