Pediatric Billing Services

Grow a healthy and profitable practice

OP understands the unique billing challenges pediatricians face, such as the complex revenue, differing state Medicaid requirements, claims cycle, vaccine administration coding, and combined well and sick charges during the same visit. Our billing specialists manage the ever-changing rules for payer requirements so you can focus on the things that matter most. With OP RCM, you can keep your focus on patient care, not payer collections.

Our revenue cycle management services are devoted solely to pediatrics. We bill from the software we have developed and perfected, which provides full visibility and no surprises. We operate on your system so you can monitor performance, any time you’d like.


  • Claim Acceptance: 97% first time claim acceptance rates for commercial payers
  • Complete Visibility: Full visibility into the status of your revenue cycle and accounts receivable – accessible to you at any time
  • US-based billing experts: Ensure you are getting paid for all of your work and all of your charges
  • EDI enrollment: Assistance with EDI enrollment with your clearinghouse

Using OP RCM, you’ll experience faster claims processing with less work, while reducing costs and simplifying your workflow. You’ll be able to easily track your revenue stream and have peace of mind knowing your billing needs are taken care of. Use your staff for other important office tasks and free up time in your day for things that matter to your patients. We treat your billing like you’d treat your billing — attention to detail is what we do best.

No two practices adhere to identical metrics for measuring their performance, and no two practices have the same patient challenges. Therefore, it becomes the responsibility of the practice to partner with a vendor that seeks to assist them in achieving their objectives.
- Dick Schlarbaum with Taos Clinic for Children and Youth