Pediatric EHR Solution

At OP, we know that you want to be a champion for kids. To do that, you need a hassle-free pediatric EHR that moves at the speed of kids.

The problem is you are tangled in the complexity of running a pediatric practice which makes you feel helpless. We believe it shouldn’t be so difficult and time-consuming. We understand the frustrations pediatricians are facing are unprecedented and you want to spend more time on care. This is why we bring together over 6000 pediatricians and 35 years of pediatric experts serving 48 states and 15M kids.

Here’s how we do it:

  • First, we build a plan specific to your practice.
  • Then we provide easy-to-use pediatric specific capabilities and workflows.
  • Last, we empower you to get your life back so you can see more patients and get to your kids soccer game.

Schedule your free consultation today. 

So you can stop losing valuable time and resources and instead join a pediatric EHR community motivated to help you thrive.

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