Bright Oaks Pediatrics switches to OP’s pediatric-specific EHR and improves quality of care

With their previous electronic health record (EHR) provider, Bright Oaks Pediatrics in Bel
Air, Maryland, lobbied constantly for pediatric-specific metrics, tools, and templates to be
included in the solution.

After seven years, they finally called it quits and switched to Office Practicum’s pediatric-
specific EHR solution. In Bright Oaks Pediatrics Case Study, we list the benefits the pediatric
practice saw after making the switch, including:

  • A 50 percent reduction in documentation time by using OP’s pediatric-specific
  • Access to a network of pediatric practices that shares solutions to problems facing
    independent pediatric practices
  • Improved staff productivity because pediatric-specific metrics, tools, and templates
    are native to the solution

Learn more about Bright Oaks Pediatrics’ success with OP. Download the case study today!