Expand the size and scope of the overall practice while continuing to provide personalized patient care for pediatrics.


OP’s fully integrated EHR provided a centralized medical records system that can be accessed from anywhere, with pediatric-specific features that enhanced the quality of their patient visits.

Results with OP

Partnering with OP’s pediatric-specific EHR, Tribeca expanded their practice to 18 locations throughout NY, NJ and CA. While increasing patient population by approximately 73%, Tribeca was still able to provide a personalized experience for each patient visit.

We’re a big organization, but we treat each patient as an individual. Our recalls and messages through OP are all personalized, and that goes a long way.

Leslie Pennypacker Executive Director at Tribeca Pediatrics

Growing Your Practice with the Right EHR Solution

With OP, Tribeca Pediatrics Experiences Rapid Growth While Continuing to Provide Exceptional Personalized Care

More than a typical pediatrician, Dr. Michel Cohen has an entrepreneurial spirit that led him to start Tribeca Pediatrics out of his home in 1994. He envisioned a practice powered by technology instead of paper which was unheard of in the mid-1990’s. Dr. Cohen was determined; and Tribeca Pediatrics became one of the earliest adopters of OP.

Partner from the Start

“Our practice has grown up with OP. The system is built by pediatricians for pediatricians and we can attest to that,” said Leslie Pennypacker, Executive Director of Tribeca Pediatrics. “Our physicians appreciate that OP is a pediatric-specific EMR.”

Dr. Cohen’s focus on technology, along with his personal approach to pediatrics and passion for high quality of care, made him quite popular among local patients. It soon became time for Tribeca Pediatrics to expand outside his New York loft.

Centralized for Success

Twenty years later, Tribeca Pediatrics has grown to 18 offices and over 260 employees throughout New York, New Jersey and California.

“One of the main reasons we’ve been able to grow and continue to excel at providing positive experiences for patients is our centralized medical record system through OP,” noted Pennypacker.

“This centralized system integrates all of our office locations. It doesn’t matter if someone is calling to make an appointment in California, or if one of our New York patients needs to be seen at our Williamsburg office versus the Warren Street office. With OP, everything from scheduling and booking patients to accessing records and more is interconnected and managed from one central location,” said Pennypacker.

OP’s centralized hub also proves to be a tremendous help to Tribeca when opening new offices.

“Since we are able to oversee every single Tribeca Pediatrics practice location from our centralized administration office in New York City, there’s no downtime in managing patients at a new office. In fact, making sure the physical space is up and running is our main concern,” stated Pennypacker.

Revolutionizing Pediatrics

Although Tribeca Pediatrics has evolved into a large, multi-location organization – increasing their patient population by nearly 73% – they’ve never lost sight of their core mission of providing high-quality personalized care to all of their families.

“With our centralized system through OP, we can access a child’s records from anywhere, anytime – even on weekends or when a family is on vacation. We truly do not miss a beat in patient care,” said Pennypacker. “This is comforting to parents who often feel forced to seek out walk-in clinics in today’s healthcare landscape. They know we understand their child’s needs and are there.”

Looking ahead, Tribeca Pediatrics has no plans of slowing their growth. They hope to continue their expansion to four of the five New York City boroughs, all with OP by their side.

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