In a league of its own: Office Practicum

Imagine your ideal electronic health record (EHR) provider. What features, products, and solutions would it offer and how would these make operations smoother at your pediatric practice?

In All EHR Solution Providers Are Not Created Equal: See the OP Difference, we provide a detailed look at the features and benefits available to Office Practicum clients, including:

  • Revenue cycle management – pediatric practices that outsource their billing to OP’s Pediatric Billing Services receive a team of experts who understand the nuances of pediatric billing
  • Reporting – easily provide quality reporting metrics for Meaningful Use and PCMH and create customized and automated SQL reports
  • Templates – our EHR integrates with AAP Bright FuturesTM templates, surveys, education and developmental milestones

Download the checklist to see all of OP’s features and benefits!