What You Can Expect from Office Practicum as Your EHR Partner

In the vast world of medical practices, not everything is created equal. While all physicians and their staff ideally offer the most outstanding care possible, the patients — vary greatly, as do their medical concerns. Because medical practices are so different, it is important for a pediatric practice to carefully choose an EHR (Electronic Health Record) partner that truly understands the specific needs of a pediatrician’s office.

Fortunately, when it comes to working with pediatricians, Office Practicum is in a league of its own. As for why OP is the top choice of many pediatricians, consider the following.

Created by Pediatricians, for Pediatricians

In addition to being founded by pediatricians, OP purposefully hires staff members who have experience managing pediatric offices. Our team has a deep understanding of what pediatricians and office administrators go through on a daily basis. This enables us to create solutions that cater to the unique needs of a pediatric practice. While every day we strive to live our mission, “improving health through technology”, we also understand that technology is only one part of the equation when choosing an EHR vendor. Pediatric offices should also feel like they are working with a true partner who is invested in their success, rather than an impersonal vendor who simply provides a product. At OP, we are proud to be the reliable, competent, and passionate partner that knows what it’s like to be an independent pediatric practice and how to maintain this independence. We also identify with the SOAPM’s saying “No margin, no mission.” We know the importance of remaining financially healthy in order to be able to keep helping kids, and we keep this goal in mind every single day.

A Community of Pediatricians

When a practice signs up with OP, they immediately become part of the OP Community. Pediatricians and administrative staff have access to a vast network of like-minded colleagues who can answer questions, recommend solutions to a problem you are having, and provide support on a particularly difficult case. In addition, we have a representative on staff who is always there to point community members in the right direction. We also provide every practice—large and small—with an account manager to help ensure that the practice is thriving. Because we focus exclusively on pediatrics, we know this type of practice inside and out and we are experts at solving the unique problems that pediatricians face.

A Partner that Provides Excellent Support — Always

At OP, while we understand that pediatric offices have many things in common, we also realize there are differences. Because of this, we don’t have a one-size-fits-all customer support model. Instead, we tailor our services to the needs of each specific client. We use our proven process for EHR implementation as the starting point and then customize the setup for the exact needs of each practice. We take the same approach with our training. Many practice administrators have told us that choosing OP not only helps the pediatrician, but also the entire administrative staff focus on growing the practice. Thanks to our wealth of experience, we are able to evaluate if practices are using solutions in the most efficient way and can offer suggestions based on what we see.

Our Clients Benefit from Our Low Internal Turnover

When pediatric practices start working with us, one of the first things they notice is that they typically speak and consult with the same people over and over again. Unlike other businesses, where you never know who will pick up the phone, at OP we truly value long-term employees. Many members of our staff have been with us for three, five or eight-plus years; this means that they know what they are doing, are devoted to our clients, and are passionate about their jobs. As a bonus, because of this dedication, we are not constantly spending money and resources to train new people; instead, we put our energy where it belongs: with our clients.

OP Understands Pediatric Billing

Our experience and expertise extend beyond improving clinical outcomes. OP’s Pediatric Billing Services help to improve our clients’ financial performance as well. Our team understands the unique billing challenges that pediatricians face. From complex revenue issues and the different state Medicaid requirements to claims cycles, vaccine administration coding, and combining well and sick charges during the same visit, we have “been there, done that.” Our billing specialists are adept at managing the always-changing payer rules and requirements, which means you can focus on the things that matter most: the young people who come in every day. Thanks to OP’s Pediatric Billing Services, you can keep your eye on patient care, not patient collections.

OP Delivers on its Promises

Every day, our staff is proud to offer our valued clients the best products, solutions, and customer service possible. We’re passionate about helping our clients achieve better clinical and financial outcomes. This is one of the many reasons that OP has a 97% retention rate. Get in touch today for more information on how OP can help you with your practice needs.

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