Thank You

Did you know that 97% of pediatric practices that start with OP, stay with OP? An OP specialist will reach out to you within 24 business hours. In the meantime, learn more about OP from the overview and client testimonial videos below.

The OP story

Medical Director Dr. Sue Kressly talks about why she got into pediatrics and how OP came about. OP staff share how important our product is to them, while OP clients praise the ease of use and pediatric-specific features.

Why a pediatric-specific EHR matters

Jessica Zeller, Certified Nurse Practitioner with Bright Oaks Pediatrics, speaks about the challenges her practice faced while using an adult-based EHR system. She goes on to talk about her transition to the pediatric-specific EHR OP, as well as overall satisfaction of the software.