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Make Vaccines

Increase immunization rates and
practice revenue

Vaccine costs continue to climb as the immunization schedule and available products continue to grow. Optimizing the vaccine workflow in your practice can add to practice profitability and increased immunization rates. Vaccines are the clinical and financial cornerstone of every pediatric practice, which is why this deserves your continued attention.

Profitability and Patient Wellness

OP is the industry-leading, pediatric-specific EHR that provides support for the entire immunization process, assuring that doctors always have an accurate forecast at their fingertips.

  • Creates a recall list of patients overdue for an immunization and notifies families
  • Provides patient-specific vaccine forecasting visible to the front desk and clinicians
  • Alerts users if a vaccine is ordered, but not indicated in the immunization forecast
  • Includes up-to-date ACIP immunization forecasting and recall capabilities
  • Streamlines inventory and administration of VFC & private lots with 2D barcode scanning
  • Manages vaccine inventory in real-time to assist with cost controls
  • Connects with state immunization registries

See for yourself how other OP practices built a more profitable pediatric practice while improving vaccination rates, through our exclusive VacLogic™ immunization forecasting technology and vaccine inventory solutions.

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What OP Can Do For You

Maintain Vaccine Inventory

Vaccine management begins with maintaining an accurate and up-to-date inventory. Using our Vaccine Inventory and Forecasting Report, you can manage vaccines in real-time so you will always know the value in your fridge, while ensuring you are ordering the correct amount.

Increase Immunization Rates

High immunization rates translate to a protected community and a high performing practice. Using our exclusive VacLogic™ technology and demographic analysis and recall (DAR) reports, you can easily forecast and analyze data to keep your patients current with their immunizations while increasing practice immunization rates.

Achieve Quality Measures

For quality measurements to have the most benefit, it needs to have a meaningful impact for your practice and patients. Using our Quality Improvement Calculator (QIC), you can calculate and report metrics for MU, PCMH, and other regional/local/payor Quality Improvement programs which will enable you to achieve incentives and rebates.

Drive Practice Revenue

If you maintain inventory, achieve high rates, and hit quality measures, your practice will drive overall revenue. Using our vaccine inventory management, VacLogic, DAR, QIC and other integrated tools, comprehensive vaccine management can add to practice profitability and success.

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