Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant

Treat patients effectively and efficiently

Reduce daily workload while increasing productivity

Daily life for pediatric nurses is hectic and unpredictable. The desire to provide excellent quality care never falters. With added responsibilities and increased reporting requirements, it’s more difficult than ever to complete routine tasks.

OP’s pediatric-specific templates allow nurses and physician assistants to streamline operations, improve accuracy and consistency, and save valuable time. Automated vaccine management, auto-plotted growth measurements and vital signs, and state-specific forms are just a few of the features that will make the job that much easier. Our pediatric-specific care plans and demographic recalls make it effortless for you to manage chronic or at-risk patients while recouping lost hours in the day.

Take back control

By reducing these daily burdens and increasing productivity, OP allows you to get back to what you’ve been trained to do – care for patients. We give back the time to check in with patients after an appointment to see how they are feeling, offer comfort to nervous parents, counsel a teen, or help a family get that urgent appointment with a specialist.

Solutions For You

Pediatric Templates

Provide documentation guidance and consistency among all clinical staff with well visit templates based on AAP and Bright Future Guidelines. OP also comes loaded with more than 200 sick visit templates specific to pediatrics.


Manage inventory, know exactly when patients are due for immunizations, run recall reports, and sync to state registries. This can all be achieved with OP’s exclusive forecasting immunization algorithm.


Enjoy faster, safer triage calls with Dr. Barton Schmitt’s Pediatric Telephone Protocols. Launched directly from the messaging screen in OP, nurses can easily insert triage notes in the patient’s record and access built-in dosage tables.

Growth Charts

Multiple growth chart options, including specialized growth curves for preemies and Down Syndrome patients, make charting easier with OP. Get instant alerts for abnormals based on pediatric specifications.