Patient Recall Reporting

Decrease gaps in care. OP provides recall reports to make it easy for you to proactively engage with families to schedule services that keep them up-to-date for things like vaccines and well visits.

One of the biggest challenges for pediatric practices is avoiding gaps in patient care. If you can decrease gaps in care, you can increase practice revenue and achieve a healthier patient population.

With OP’s Demographic Analysis & Recall Report, you can identify gaps in care for your active patients, including those who are:

  • Overdue well visits (based on the AAP Periodicity schedule)
  • Overdue HPV vaccinations
  • At-risk patients during flu season

Once you’ve identified gaps in care for your active patients, you’ll want to notify these patients via their preferred contact method (phone, email, text). This can all be done easily using OP Notify.

With these tools, you can ensure your patients receive great care, your families build long-term relationships with your practice, and you receive your hard-earned pay-for-performance dollars.

Watch the video to learn more:

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