FHIR Documentation

FHIR Documentation

FHIR Documentation

Offering FHIR APIs enables OP to partner and integrate with vendors to deliver a more robust set of options to our customers: new solutions, new workflows, and new ways of accessing and sending information securely.

OP FHIR APIs and Resources for Accessible Healthcare Data

Get the data sharing resources you need to connect your systems and applications to the OP platform to facilitate your own integrated solution. 

Go directly to our FHIR documentation site, or, to get API Key credentials, simply fill out an access registration form. Once completed, a member of our team will schedule a call and work with you to get the credentials you need. 

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API Transparency

As a developer of software certified under the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology Health IT Certification Program, Office Practicum is pleased to provide API products in accordance with 2015 Edition and 2015 Cures Update Edition certification criteria. Please see the API Agreement Terms of Use for details.