The Power of Patient Recalls

OP Community member Kateri Haskett, CEO at Pediatric Associates PSC of Kentucky, joins us to discuss her insights on how pediatric practices can use recalls to improve patient care and immunization rates, generate revenue, and plan for future growth.

Watch to learn best practices and strategies for using recall reports, including:

  • How to quickly and easily identify children who are due for well visits and immunizations
  • How to utilize a Demographic Analysis and Recall report to handle two-dose vaccinations and manage chronic care
  • How to use recall reports to support the expansion and development of your pediatric practice
  • How to use recall reports to help you identify new revenue streams


Kateri Haskett

CEO, Pediatric Associates, PSC of Kentucky

Alisa Vaughn

SVP of Revenue Expansion Operations, OP

Susan Hannon

Senior Solutions Engineer, OP

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