Improving Your Practice’s
Overall Vaccination Rate

Meadowbrook Pediatrics Achieves 99% Vaccination Rate with OP

Dr. Vera Frumin started Meadowbrook Pediatrics with one core value in mind – to keep kids healthy. For the last 26 years, the practice has done just that. They are constantly improving their policies and workflow in order to deliver the highest quality of care. When Meadowbrook’s paper chart vaccine management no longer met the demands of their 4,000 patients, or the practice’s business model, they realized a change was needed.

Limiting Processes

Office Manager Lisa Kramer noted, “At Meadowbrook, we strive for excellence. With our paper charts, our vaccination rates were only right above the 50% mark. The process was limiting and we didn’t have a lot of knowledge at our fingertips. Even running a simple report, pulling immunization history, or checking vaccine inventory, was nearly impossible.”

Specifically, Meadowbrook did not have access to a vaccine workflow. The staff never knew which patients were due for immunizations or which vaccines needed to be ordered.

“We often had an influx of inventory because we didn’t want to be without,” said Kramer. “It was up to the provider, if they had time, to check on the back of charts to see what immunizations patients were due for. It wasn’t ideal for patients or the financial side of the practice.”

A Seamless Solution

Once Meadowbrook implemented OP, they quickly saw their vaccination rates increase. Due to the vaccine management and forecasting features, Meadowbrook was able to consistently report on inventory needs, know exactly when patients were due for particular vaccines, recall overdue patients and keep accurate inventory in stock.

“Vaccine management is not only a front desk job. It’s everyone’s job and OP makes it seamless,” said Dr. Frumin. “With OP, it only takes a brief glance – no more than 1 to 2 seconds – to address the needs of a patient.”

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control reports that children born over the last two decades will avoid an estimated 381 million illnesses and skip 24.5 million hospitalizations if they’re vaccinated. According to Dr. Frumin, practices without vaccine management are missing opportunity after opportunity to provide these children with adequate vaccines.

“We love that with OP, as soon as patients call our office, we receive a status update on them,” said Dr. Frumin. “If their immunizations are up to date, we can feel good about that. If they’re about to be due or are behind in treatment, and don’t have an appointment on the books, we can proactively make one right then and there.”

Vital to Success

Since their implementation of OP, Meadowbrook has increased their vaccination rates to nearly 99% for their entire patient population. Kramer also noted that OP has helped the practice increase their overall vaccine revenue.

“OP enabled us to meet our quality measures with insurance companies, correlating to better financial incentives,” said Kramer. “By ordering more vaccines, we’re getting higher rebates from organizations like Merck.”

Most importantly, implementing OP has been vital to helping Meadowbrook prevent diseases.

“Vaccine management is not solely about meeting a metric. It’s about preventing HPV related diseases, keeping kids from having whooping cough and more,” said Dr. Frumin. “Ultimately, it’s about coming back to our core value – keeping our patients healthy and well.”


Implement a vaccine management program to streamline practice workflow, better manage inventory and improve overall vaccination rates.


OP VacLogic™ provided support for the entire immunization process by overseeing all aspects of vaccine and inventory management.

Results with OP

With OP vaccine management and forecasting features, Meadowbrook improved their vaccination rate from 50% to 99%. They were also able to increase their overall vaccine revenue by having the ability to consistently report on inventory needs, know exactly when patients were due for vaccines, recall overdue patients and keep accurate inventory in stock.

Children need their vaccinations and they need them on time. We wouldn’t be able to take advantage of every opportunity to get patients immunized if it weren’t for the backdrop of OP’s vaccine management and forecasting.

Dr. Vera Frumin Pediatrician and Owner of Meadowbrook Pediatrics