The Market’s First Whole Child Digital Healthcare Platform

For over 35 years, Office Practicum (OP) has been committed to the pediatric community and we are thrilled to add capabilities and services that will make an even bigger impact for your practice and the needs of the children you serve.



We believe the needs of pediatric patients go beyond physical care. Children today need emotional and behavioral healthcare, too.


We believe healthy parents are better equipped to raise healthy kids. Supporting the behavioral health needs of adults is critical to their success.


We believe that pediatric and behavioral health practices need solutions and services to attract new patients and expand access to care.

Building upon our foundational beliefs, OP expanded its pediatric-specific EHR, practice management and revenue cycle management solutions with the acquisition of NextStep Solutions behavioral health EHR in 2019.

And now we’re taking it one step further with the acquisition of RemedyConnect.

RemedyConnect, a digital healthcare delivery company, offers solutions that support existing patients with robust patient education, a telehealth solution, and an after hours answering service. They also have strategies for providers to attract new patients with a range of digital health marketing services. 

“We know a robust, holistic whole child solution is needed moving forward.  We want to ensure we are supporting healthcare providers in every way so that they can continue to provide unparalleled and seamless care for their patients’ needs.” – Kraig Brown, Office Practicum CEO

If you have questions about the acquisitions:

Learn More About RemedyConnect


Why did you make these acquisitions?

We’ve seen that the needs of pediatric patients are no longer fully physical. With the acquisitions of RemedyConnect and NextStep Solutions, OP will be able to leverage technologies from both companies to create new pediatric solutions that focus on the child’s overall physical, emotional, and behavioral health.

Will there be any disruption in my service?

You won’t see any disruption in your current services or support teams. Whether you’re currently with Office Practicum, NextStep Solution or Remedy connect, you’ll continue to receive the same outstanding service as always.


OP will continue to support your practice in providing outstanding physical care to your patients. We’ll continue enhancing our current products while also developing solutions to help you with your patients’ emotional and behavioral needs. We are expanding our strategic focus so that our practices can expand theirs.

Other 2

RemedyConnect will continue to support your practice as we’ve always done. You won’t see any disruption to your current services or support teams. We’ll continue enhancing our current products and developing new solutions to meet the needs of pediatric practices as well as looking at ways to bring added value based on our pediatric experience and clients.

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