Front Desk

It’s all about efficiency

Achieve operational excellence while having meaningful contact with patients and parents

Oftentimes the first point of contact for patients and the backbone of a pediatric practice, front desk staff are expert multi-taskers who are organized and efficient, and provide exceptional customer service to practice’s families.

Better office management decisions allow you to move patients through your practice simply and smoothly, and that’s what you’ll get with OP. Our fully integrated pediatric software is the perfect solution to help keep up with the daily demands of front desk duties.

Effortless scheduling and patient check-in

OP’s logical approach to front desk workflows is built specifically for pediatrics. Our patient-centric scheduling screen is clear and easy to read, allowing management of daily tasks with ease. All the information needed to register and link patients is found on one screen, making new patient registration a breeze – whether doing it by phone or in person. Our built-in checks and balances system for mandatory fields ensures you have all the necessary patient demographics completed before you can save the information. It’s like having an extra set of eyes to check your work for mistake-free data entry.

It’s imperative that patient demographics and payer information are entered correctly, eligibility of insurance is verified, and a copy of a current insurance card is on file so payments can be processed correctly. Because OP is designed specifically for pediatric practices, we’ve designed our insurance eligibility features to make your front office run more efficiently. With OP, you no longer have to deal with charts, scanners and frustrating phone calls to verify benefits. OP automatically checks the eligibility of benefits for each patient on the schedule, so your back office can process claims more efficiently and run as smoothly as the front desk does.

Pediatric practices often struggle with issues like lost revenue due to the down time caused by missed appointments. OP’s integrated messaging features and recall reports allow you to mitigate these losses while reducing the burden of your staff’s time. Confirming appointments using automated email, text, and voice messages are effective ways to reduce no-shows, while real-time reminder calls give you the opportunity to verify current insurance information prior to a visit so check-in and check-out can run smoothly for you and your patients. The return on investment with OP isn’t just dollars, it’s also a return on time. We can’t make more hours in the day, but we can help you regain some of the lost hours when you use our pediatric scheduling system.

Solutions For You


Simplify data input for identical social, demographic, and payer information, with OP’s one-touch family link feature. Highlight a patient’s outstanding balances, chronic problems, and due or past-due vaccines, which allows you to schedule visits appropriately.

Reminder Calls

Minimize lost revenue from missed appointments by confirming well visits and flu clinic visits using our recall reports. Use these calls to remind parents to fill out surveys and forms on the portal in advance of an office visit.


Contact caregivers via text, email or prerecorded phone calls with OP’s Patient Message eXchange (PMX). PMX reminds and confirms appointments with the communication method your patient most prefers to interact with your practice.

Patient Check-In

Run a real-time verification of benefits, to ensure current insurance information is fully documented for your back office. Scan insurance forms and other documents into OP that are automatically populated in the patient chart.