IT Staff

Maximize security

Protect patient records & financial data

Maintaining servers can be costly, time-consuming and unpredictable, especially for pediatric offices without dedicated, top tier IT support. With rising cyber security threats, practices are facing mounting pressures to invest in complicated technologies and systems that require regular maintenance to protect patient records and ensure compliance.

OP Cloud is a fully managed solution that helps remove the financial and operational burden pediatric practices encounter using a client server setup. By alleviating server processes and responsibilities, such as patch updates, bug fixes, and database backups, all you’ll need to worry about is maintaining a good internet connection. When you eliminate the self-hosted hardware component to maintain your patient records, your business will recognize significant cost savings. In addition, OP Cloud will free up countless hours for your IT staff to focus on what they do best –maintaining your practice’s infrastructure.

Your business is complex – your technology doesn’t have to be

Providing a reliable and efficient way to store patient records, OP’s HIPAA compliant cloud solution works hand-in-hand with our EHR software. We ensure your data is secure, redundant, easily accessible, and hosted in an environment built for your pediatric office. Most importantly, you remain the sole owner of your data.

Value-Added Features


Hosted in a maximum security AWS environment, OP Cloud utilizes top of the line hardware and is SOC, PCI and HIPAA compliant. All communications between client workstations and OP Cloud are SSL AES-256 bit encrypted to protect PHI.


Installed on each device and workstation, the software for OP Cloud guarantees secure access. OP also maintains third-party services such as electronic prescriptions, labs, and claim transmissions to supported clearinghouses.

Managed Updates

Administered by an expert technical support team, all OP Cloud updates will assure you are on latest version of OP. At the end of every day, backups are run and stored offsite in a safe and secured environment.


Access OP on your desktop, laptop or mobile device – anywhere you have an internet connection. OP offers a secure and HIPPA compliant cloud solution that works hand-in-hand with your EHR and PM software.