Practice Administrators Have a Lot on Their Plates

See how we can lighten your load and help you maximize financial and clinical performance.

Maximize financial & clinical performance

Simplify daily operations and focus on running a successful practice

Managing the daily operations of a practice is no easy task. Add in the complex elements of pediatrics, and the role of a practice manager becomes even more challenging.

For small and large practices alike, practice managers are often responsible for developing business strategies, formulating budgets, designing patient services, and implementing work policies for employees. By providing pediatric-specific solutions and features, OP helps you minimize the time you spend on manual administrative tasks while achieving an increase in overall practice profitability. We give practice managers the tools to surpass average operational, financial and clinical performance standards so you can achieve optimal results for your practice.

The power of a pediatric specific system

Because OP is pediatric-specific, a practice manager’s time consuming tasks are now a thing of the past. Our features allow for faster documentation time, optimized scheduling, and streamlined billing. Recall reports help you quickly identify patients who are due for well visits or overdue for immunizations. This invaluable information helps keep your patients healthy and increases your practice’s profitability. Integrated and customizable reports imported directly from patient data allows you to easily identify key metrics that help you make sound business decisions.

Solutions For You


Ensure vaccines aren’t missed with instant patient immunization forecasting. Meet quality measures with insurance companies and generate actionable financial reports to manage vaccine inventory and increase profitability.

Pediatric Billing

Minimize common billing errors with our unified billing system. OP captures charges during charting and sends applicable codes to superbills automatically.


Design and export customizable reports, ranging from basic to complex drill downs. Make it easier to qualify for additional financial incentives using our QIC Module.

OP IntelligenceTM

Monitor how well your practice is doing financially. OP Intelligence provides decision-makers with financial data in an easy-to-read visual format, helping you make better business decisions.

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