Practice Owner

Driving operational efficiency

Grow a healthy practice with OP’s clinical and financial tools

Owning your own practice allows you to connect with your patients on your terms. But keeping up with the changes in healthcare, managing rising business costs, and navigating complicated insurance reimbursements can steal time from your day that could be spent seeing patients.

Time is money, and as an owner of a pediatric practice, you know that every penny counts. OP simplifies these challenges, so you can focus on what you do best–caring for your patients.

Built for pediatrics

OP was designed and built by pediatricians, so we understand the challenges you face running a pediatric practice. Our pediatric-specific templates complement your charting and reduce your administrative tasks so you can provide the best quality of care for your patients. OP’s robust vaccine forecasting system has built in ACIP logic for better clinical decision making, while our integrated vaccine management and immunization registry interfaces helps to minimize manual transcription errors, allowing your staff to be more efficient with vaccine related tasks. One touch school, sports, and camp forms reduces your documentation time and streamlines your practice operations, so you can boost your revenue, see more patients and spend more time with them.

Keep your practice financially healthy

OP’s complete billing solution minimizes cash flow disruptions by achieving 99 percent first-time commercial insurance claim acceptance rates and more than 96 percent of Medicaid claims. Our integrated and customizable reports import your patient data making it easier to identify key metrics that help you make sound business decisions. And OP IntelligenceTM allows you to have all of the pertinent financial data right at your fingertips, so it’s easy to determine the health of your business–no spreadsheet required! Let OP help you simplify your daily operations so you can focus on running a successful pediatric practice.

Solutions For You

Clinical Tools

Bright Futures well visit templates and 200+ pediatric-specific sick templates helps reduces administrative tasks and improves workflow that converts to increased revenue. Build care plans and generate school, sports, and camp forms with the click of a button.

Pediatric Billing

OP captures billing codes while you chart, for easier and faster claims processing in your back office. Our unified billing system helps you minimize common billing errors while reducing overhead expenses.

Reporting Tools

Use OP’s powerful reports, or design your own, to spot trends in your practice that help increase revenue. Improve patient care using actionable reporting tools that allow you to see how your practice is performing, and where there might be room for improvement.

OP IntelligenceTM

Easily mine and trend data with graphics specific to your practice to help you make better business decisions that support practice growth. Analyze trends in demographics by age, gender and geographic location, and review reports by provider, location, plan or payer.