An EHR for Practice Owners

Improve your clinical and financial performance with an EHR designed by pediatricians, for pediatricians. OP’s integrated pediatric EHR functionality allows you and your staff to decrease the amount of work you allocate to charting encounters and documenting office visits so everyone can spend more time on what really matters.

Driving operational efficiency for practice owners

Grow a healthy practice with OP’s clinical and financial tools

Owning your own practice allows you to connect with your patients on your terms. But keeping up with the changes in healthcare, managing rising business costs, and navigating complicated insurance reimbursements can steal time from your day that could be spent seeing patients.

Time is money, and as an owner of a pediatric practice, you know that every penny counts. OP simplifies these challenges, so you can focus on what you do best–caring for your patients.

OP was designed and built by pediatricians who understand the challenges you face running a pediatric practice, including:

  • Staff productivity – our pediatric-specific templates decrease the amount of time you and your team have to allocate to charting encounters and documenting office visits so you can provide the best quality of care for your patients even if you are short-staffed. Plus, our care plans quickly identify which patients are due for routine care or follow-up care for items like A1C, Med Checks, or Weight Checks, so you know who to contact to bring in for care.
  • Vaccine forecasting and management – OP’s proprietary vaccine forecasting and management solution follows ACIP guidelines and supports the entire immunization process – from inventory management for VFC and private stock to issuing alerts and suggested rationale for recommended vaccines. This system even helps you decide when and how much to restock, so you don’t keep too much of your cash in the fridge. Automated tracking eliminates the need for manual input by your staff, makes recalls a breeze, and keeps your patients up-to-date and protected against vaccine-preventable diseases.
  • Keeping up with CPT coding changes – ICD codes and CPT codes are changed annually and it can be hard to keep up! OP makes it a point to not only update your EHR with the most recent codes but to also focus on training for physicians and billers. As practices adapted to the CPT Code changes in early 2021, the OP community banded together sharing lessons learned and tips for documentation to ensure pediatricians continued to get paid for the level of care they were providing.
  • Maintaining your practice’s financial viability – by partnering with OP RCM, our pediatric-specific billing services, you can increase your total payments by 9% and your payments per visit by 4%. Our team of pediatric billing experts understand the unique billing challenges pediatricians face — complex revenue cycle, differing state Medicaid requirements, vaccine administration coding, and combined well and sick visit charges during the same visit — so they can get you paid more for the healthcare services you provide.
  • Cash flow – OP’s complete billing solution minimizes cash flow disruptions by achieving 99 percent first-time commercial insurance claim acceptance rates and 96 percent rate for Medicaid claims. Our integrated and customizable reports import your patient data making it easier to identify key metrics that help you make sound business decisions. With the dashboards available in OP Financial Analytics, you’ll be able to easily monitor and track relevant key performance metrics. With increased visibility and better insights, you’ll be able to effectively and efficiently manage your practice’s financial performance.

Client Success

Growing Your Practice with the Right EHR Soultion

With OP, Tribeca Pediatrics Experiences Rapid Growth While Continuing to Provide Exceptional Personalized Care – learn more >

OP Client Testimonial

Find out what led our clients to seek out a pediatric-specific EHR. Discover which features they value most and exactly what results their practice saw from their partnership with OP.

RBK Pediatrics: EHR vendor consolidation

RBK Pediatrics Managing Physician, Dr. George Rogu, describes the process his practice went through to find a new EHR solution when his EHR vendor announced they were sunsetting their product. He discusses everything from research and decision making, to implementation and support with OP.

Solutions For You

Clinical Tools

Bright Futures well visit templates and 200+ pediatric-specific sick templates helps reduces administrative tasks and improves workflow that converts to increased revenue. Build care plans and generate school, sports, and camp forms with the click of a button.

Pediatric Billing

OP captures billing codes while you chart, for easier and faster claims processing in your back office. Our unified billing system helps you minimize common billing errors while reducing overhead expenses.

Reporting Tools

Use OP’s powerful reports, or design your own, to spot trends in your practice that help increase revenue. Improve patient care using actionable reporting tools that allow you to see how your practice is performing, and where there might be room for improvement.

OP IntelligenceTM

Easily mine and trend data with graphics specific to your practice to help you make better business decisions that support practice growth. Analyze trends in demographics by age, gender and geographic location, and review reports by provider, location, plan or payer.

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