Do more of what you love

Take back control of your schedule and spend more time treating patients

Today’s evolving healthcare environment, shifting payer landscapes, and security concerns are making it harder for pediatricians to focus on caring for patients. OP understands the challenges faced by today’s pediatric providers, because its founders and leaders are pediatricians too.

Pediatric-specific well and sick visit templates are standard with OP, so you don’t have to spend countless hours customizing forms to fit your patient’s unique set of needs. Auto-populated school, sports, and camp forms reduce the need for manual entry that is typically required to complete these time-consuming tasks.  Our auto-plotted growth charts, including norms for preemie and Down Syndrome patients, alerts you to abnormals–with no calculations needed on your part. OP’s integrated pediatric functionality allows you to decrease the amount of work allocated to charting encounters and documenting office visits, so you can do more of the things you want to do – like spending more time with your patients.

Be the best pediatrician you can be

Much of your day involves educating families, immunizing your patients against preventable childhood diseases, and providing physical, mental and emotional care for your patients. You deserve an EHR that supports your day and adapts to your workflow–and that’s what you’ll get with OP. The return on investment with OP isn’t just dollars, it’s also a return on time. Spend less time on the computer and more time falling in love with pediatrics all over again.

Solutions For You

Pediatric Templates

Utilize Bright Futures well visit templates and 200+ pediatric-specific sick visit templates. These standard features in OP will ensure more complete charting.


Access OP’s content-rich portal which provides: growth charts, immunization data, refill requests, and summaries of care. Your patients can have access anytime, from anywhere.


Keep your patients up-to-date on vaccines while alerting you to those who are not, with our exclusive immunization forecasting algorithm.

Population Health

Run integrated recall reports to schedule follow up care for your patients with chronic conditions and customizable care plans to capture and treat at-risk children.