Streamline your pediatric workflow. Send lab orders and receive results, connect to HIEs, and submit information to vaccine registries electronically – all from within your EHR solution.

Get and stay connected

OP has the interfaces you need to help you streamline your workflow. From within our EHR solution, you’ll be able to send lab orders and receive results, connect to HIEs, and submit information to vaccine registries. No paper needed. It’s all done electronically.

Bi-Directional Labs

OP eLabsTM provides a bi-directional connection between your office and over 600 laboratories, including Quest and LabCorp. With this solution, you’ll be able to streamline your lab orders and results management process, increase staff productivity, control costs, and eliminate manual data transfers, which are prone to errors. In addition, you’ll enjoy the following features and benefits:

Seamless Bi-directional Communication

  • Ability to process both orders and results
  • Provides live access to the most current lab compendiums

Electronic Orders

  • Contains the location, preliminary diagnosis, insurance payer information, related ICD-10 code, and order number
  • Generates lab specimen labels when you’re ready to send the order
  • Send orders directly to the lab from OP
  • Presents the most up-to-date test ID code options at the time of order activation

Electronic Results

  • Ability to route and match results automatically to the patient chart
  • Real-time access to time-sensitive results

Lab Panels

  • Ability to create lab panels and incorporate a panel workflow into OP templates

Health Information Exchanges (HIEs)

The OP Community is nearly one thousand pediatric practices strong. In order to serve our current and future clients, we’ve built connections to the majority of the HIEs pediatric practices need. If, in the rare case, we don’t have the established connection you need, we have the resources to develop one for you.

Vaccine Registries

Make manual entries a thing of the past! With OP, you can electronically submit to any supported state’s immunization registry. If your state supports it, a new patient’s immunization chart can be populated instantly – no transcription required. OP records lot numbers and doses as they are administered, automatically updating your private and VFC vaccine inventory, while creating an inventory report. It also provides a quick and easy way to find patients if a vaccine recall is issued.

Lab Devices

With Relaymed your in-house lab devices can be connected to OP so results from these devices flow seamlessly into our pediatric-specific EHR solution. Keying in results or scanning a copy for the patient’s record will be a thing of the past. Each discrete data element will be transferred automatically from your device to OP for review.

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