New technology? No problem. Remove the fear of electronic medical records. 

Did you know there are five stages of change? The first stage is pre-contemplation, the unwillingness to initiate change. It’s your biggest hurdle to overcome in taking on a new electronic medical record (EMR) platform. Bye-Bye Paper. Hello Technology discusses this and more. In it, you’ll also learn:

  • The second stage, contemplation, is where most practices get stuck. They delay adopting a new technology out of fear. 
  • Once you can move past the fear and refuse to delay adoption, you gain momentum. You’re not only willing to use a new platform; you’re taking steps to find the right system for your practice. 
  • Your practice then slides right into the next three phases of change: preparation, action, and maintenance. 

Stop putting off your practice’s transition to electronic medical records.

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