Digital Strategies to Drive New Patients to Your Practice

Do you get too many emails, app notifications, and social media blasts? So do the parents in your practice. That’s why it’s so hard to get their attention, let alone the attention of prospective patients.

Check out the recording of our webinar, “Digital Strategies to Drive New Patients to Your Practice,” presented by Dan Feiten, MD.

During this one-hour webinar, you will learn:

  • How to overcome digital fatigue and provide value to your parents
  • How to manage your digital reputation to reassure prospective patients
  • Why you should focus your efforts on 4 areas of digital marketing

Learn how to drive new patients to your pediatric practice through digital marketing.

Watch a recording of our webinar today.

About the Speaker

Dr. Dan Feiten is a Clinical Professor at the University of Colorado HSC Dept. of Pediatrics who speaks nationally to physicians, health institutions and medical associations about strategies to optimize their online presence. Dr. Feiten is a practicing pediatrician and partner at Greenwood Pediatrics, a 24 provider office in Denver, Colorado. He founded RemedyConnect, a leading provider of mobile-first websites, SEO/online findability, reputation management, patient education content and answering services for pediatricians. He is also a founder of PediaClinic, an innovative collaboration of 25 pediatric clinicians to provide affordable after-hours care.


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