Forget Dr. Google: Creating Medical Content on Your Own Practice Website

Want to be more accessible (and way more reliable) for your patients than “Dr. Google”, while reducing non-emergent after-hours calls? The best way to do this is to offer consistent advice on your practice website, in your office, and after a care visit. Including online medical resources on your own website boosts your SEO, lets your patients self-serve with a “try this at home first” solution, and elevates your parents’ confidence in your practice.

In this recording, Rebecca Schaad explains:

  • The importance of having reliable medical content on your website instead of linking to third-party sites.
  • How to create a consistent message from when a person searches your website to when they see a provider.
  • The synergy of using a symptom checker like “Is Your Child Sick?” with triage advice and aftercare instructions.
  • Why it’s necessary to regularly update your website with relevant information like medical content, alerts, practice news, what’s going around, and provider information.


Rebecca Schaad, RemedyConnect Account Manager

Ready to be the go-to for medical advice during or outside of office hours?


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