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All EHR solution providers are not created equal. OP makes all the difference.

Your practice caters to children, therefore, you deserve a technology partner that does as well. At OP, we partner with pediatric practices to help them improve clinical outcomes for their children and families, and financial outcomes for their business. Our EHR, PM system, and billing services were created by pediatricians for pediatricians. We’re proud to offer the most comprehensive features, solutions, and services for pediatric practices and invite you to see the OP difference.


With our immunization functionality, your EHR will:

  • Issue alerts for overdue vaccinations
  • Provide patient-specific vaccine forecasting visible to the front desk and clinicians
  • Alert users if a vaccine is ordered, but not indicated in the immunization forecast
  • Consist of up-to-date ACIP (Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices) immunization forecasting and recall capabilities
  • Streamline inventory and administration of  VFC (Vaccines for Children Program)  & private lots with 2D barcode scanning


Keeping up with growing children is easy with our growth charts. Our solution:

  • Includes AAP recommended WHO/CDC hybrid growth charts
  • Provides Down Syndrome and preemie growth curves
  • Measures abnormal vitals based on Harriet Lane guidelines and AAP norms for blood pressure
  • Prints growth charts and measurements on one page or delivers directly to the patient portal


Our templates and customizations enable our clients to work more effectively and efficiently, enabling them to spend more time with their patients and less time on the computer. Our solution:

  • Integrates AAP Bright Futures™ templates, surveys, education & developmental milestones
  • Comes with over 200 preloaded and fully customizable pediatric-specific sick visit templates
  • Completes school and camp forms from patient data with one click
  • Includes over 30 pediatric-specific surveys including M-CHAT, Vanderbilt, and CHADIS
  • Automatically assigns the correct modifier and place of service for telemedicine visits


As if caring for children isn’t hard enough, pediatricians have the added complexity of dealing with the whole family structure. OP offers several complex/modern family-friendly features that help our clients manage any dynamic. Our EHR solution:

  • Defines financial, social, and genetic families individually
  • Transfers patient balances and credits among financial families
  • Updates made to contact information for one family member auto-populates for all family members
  • Links family history to genetic parents for all siblings
  • Allows for unlimited contact entries to support any family scenario
  • Ability to set privacy levels for individual elements of a patient chart
  • Limits parent access to records on the portal that have been marked as confidential


Our e-prescribing solution:

  • Automatically calculates weight-based dosing according to the patient’s most recent weight
  • Allows users to save favorites with weight-based dosing logic


Our EHR and billing solution:

  • Provides real-time eligibility through multiple integrated clearinghouse partners
  • Codes vaccine administration charges automatically to payer-specific requirements
  • Allows for the ability to run detailed patient and family credit reports
  • Creates billing statements at a family or patient level


With our robust reporting capabilities, you’ll be able to:

  • Create well visit patient recall lists based on the AAP Periodicity Schedule
  • Create item-specific patient recall lists utilizing the preloaded Pediatric Care Plans
  • Access real-time analytics to track your practice’s financial health
  • Harness practice data through customizable and automated SQL reports


Communicating with your patients and families have never been easier. With OP, you’ll be able to:

  • Facilitate automated text communications between families and your office, allowing patients to announce their arrival and pay their copay from the safety of their car
  • Provide families with the option to self-schedule appointments directly through the patient portal
  • Protect sensitive patient data from being displayed on the patient portal and set visibility level and restrict granular clinical information to balance patient safety/privacy
  • Send appointment reminders, patient recall notices, and practice announcements based on a family’s preferred method of contact
  • Allow parents to upload photos to to an integrated telemedicine platform, for practice staff to download, zoom in, and add to patient chart

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