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Transitioning to a Pediatric-Specific EHR

Bright Oaks Pediatrics Switches from athenahealth to OP to Provide Quality Pediatric-Specific Care…

OP enabled us to meet our quality measures with insurance companies, correlating to better financial incentives. By ordering more vaccines, we’re getting higher rebates from organizations like Merck.

- Dr. Vera Frumin
Pediatrician and Owner of Meadowbrook Pediatrics

Implementing a Successful Pediatric Billing Program

Taos Clinic for Children & Youth Experiences Significant Increase in Revenue with OP …

The OP team is quick to respond to any questions we have, and we have seen a dramatic increase in payments from the appeals they process for us. They have our best interests at heart and will go after every last penny that is due from our payers.

- Pat Flowers
Practice Administrator with Bi-County Pediatrics

We can click one button and get access to a clinical article, but we also have the opportunity to connect with other pediatricians, bounce ideas off each other, and give each other advice. Something we definitely weren’t able to do before with an adult-based EHR.

-Jessica Zeller
Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner with Bright Oaks Pediatrics

Transforming Your Practice With the Right EHR

Dawson Pediatrics Improves Workflow Efficiency and Projects $250,000 Increase in Revenue with OP…

With our centralized system through OP, we can access a child’s records from anywhere, anytime – even on weekends or when a family is on vacation. We truly do not miss a beat in patient care.

- Leslie Pennypacker
Executive Director with Tribeca Pediatrics

Boost your revenue with OP Pediatric Billing Services

Bi-County Pediatrics switches to OP Pediatric Billing Services and recognizes a 30% increase…

Improving Your Practice’s Overall Vaccination Rate

Meadowbrook Pediatrics Achieves 99% Vaccination Rate with OP…

We’ve definitely noticed an increase in patient engagement levels since optimizing our practice with OP. Our patients are coming in more, and their parents have a better understanding of their child’s care and what’s involved.

- Alisa Vaughn, CMPE
Practice Administrator with Dawson Pediatrics

Growing Your Practice with the Right EHR Soultion

Tribeca Pediatrics Goes Bicoastal While Excelling at Personalized Care with OP…

The software makes all the tedious aspects of charting and billing so much easier. It allows me to focus on my patients so I can enjoy my practice, just as the first day.

- Dr. Michel Cohen
Pediatrician with Tribeca Pediatrics

Client Videos

Transforming your practice with the right EHR

In this video, Alisa Vaughn, CPME – Practice Manager at Dawson Pediatrics, describes how she uses OP’s recall function to help identify and reach patients who need to be scheduled for wellness visits. She explains how this process translates into 2,600 more patient visits every year and $250k in new annual revenue for the practice.

Why a pediatric-specific EHR matters

Jessica Zeller, Certified Nurse Practitioner with Bright Oaks Pediatrics, speaks about the challenges her practice faced while using an adult-based EHR system. She goes on to talk about her transition to the pediatric-specific EHR OP, as well as overall satisfaction of the software.

RBK Pediatrics: EHR vendor consolidation

RBK Pediatrics Managing Physician Dr. George Rogu, describes what his practice went through when his EHR vendor announced they were sunsetting their product. He walks us through the process of finding a new vendor, from research and decision making, to implementation and support with OP.

Prospect Pediatrics: Enterprise practice remains independent with OP

Dr. Patrick Hynes, Managing Physician at Prospect Pediatrics (Division of One Pediatrics), talks about how supportive OP was through their merger process, and how leveraging the tools in our system helped them remain independent. He goes on to describe his experiences using OP as a provider, and his general satisfaction with a pediatric-specific EHR.

Financial and clinical results achieved using VacLogic™

Several practices talk about the challenges they faced with vaccines, prior to OP. Each practice speaks to the importance of vaccine tracking and forecasting, and how their workflow has changed since partnering with OP.

The pediatric features we can’t live without

Several pediatric practices explain why they chose OP, and exactly which features they like best.

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