Get connected, stay connected

Improve patient safety, practice workflows, and more.

Being connected to your patients, pharmacies, preferred labs, pediatric resources and community members is critical for maintaining a smooth and efficient workflow at your practice. Having smart connectivity options, make it easy for you and your staff to provide excellent patient experiences and deliver the best care possible. OP’s connectivity options were built to improve patient safety and practice workflows, enhance clinical decision-making, reduce transcription errors and much more.

Stay connected no matter the device

Because OP is cloud-based, you can get your data when you need it. As long as you have an Internet connection, you can access OP on a desktop, laptop, or mobile device — anywhere you are.

Connect with your patients

Connectivity with your patients and their family should never be an obstacle to providing exceptional patient care. OP gives you the tools you need to stay connected, whether you see a patient in the office, or communicate with them outside of office hours. Our patient portal and patient messaging solution, OP Notify, are just two of our integrated features that help make your employees more efficient, reduce telephone time, and allow you to contact parents and caregivers in a way that works best with their busy schedules.

Connecting to your pharmacy

81% of patients prefer electronic prescriptions over paper. OP makes it easy to ditch the paper with our connectivity options for ePrescribing, EPCS, and  ePA. Our integrated options allow your staff to reduce time spent on pharmacy call backs and the manual paperwork that was previously needed for prior authorizations. Our built-in Medication Favorites list allows you to keep your most commonly prescribed medication in one place, for easier access and faster prescription writing. OP also has built-in medication safety features, to easily check for drug interactions.

Pediatric resources

The ability to connect to essential pediatric resources will allow your staff to be more efficient with their time. OP has chosen integrated partners that offer everything from pediatric templates and patient handouts, to seamless developmental surveys to ways to manage safer telephone triage calls – all things that benefit your patients and enhance your revenue stream. We make sure you are getting paid for all of the services you provide for routine preventive care.

OP Mobile App

Stay connected with your practice, even when you’re not in your office! Use our mobile app to document calls, send secure messages, view a patient’s chart, or check your appointments from your smartphone or tablet. Use your favorite device to take photos and attach the picture right to the patient encounter. With our app, you can use the chart feature to view a patient’s problem list, allergies, medications, or cross-reference the chart look up functionality when you’re writing a message about a patient in practice. We make it easy to connect with your practice and your patients no matter where you are.

OP Community

Share ideas and find solutions to your most pressing questions with the use of the OP Community. Help is just a click away when you explore the options we provide outside our standard support channels. You can network with colleagues of the OP Community at our annual User Conference or visit a ListServ to see how other pediatric practices are using OP to make their practices more efficient. You can also visit our Support Hub to search for self-help solutions, view discussion threads, create and view open cases, and search knowledge-based articles. It takes a village to raise a child which is exactly what you’ll get from the OP Community.

Lab Interfaces

OP provides interfaces with numerous labs and offers a ‘demographic bridge’ which can be used to automatically populate online order forms, as well as a result download, that enables practices to import lab results directly into OP.