How to Grow Your Pediatric Practice with Better Online Reviews

In today’s digital age, online reviews have become a crucial aspect of every business. That’s why it’s essential to understand the impact they can have on the success of your pediatric practice. Positive reviews can help build trust and credibility, attract new patients, and improve your overall reputation. But you can’t underestimate the repercussions that negative reviews can have on your business or overlook the need to address them, either.

Continue reading to find out how one pediatric practice used our Review Builder online reputation management platform to boost its 5-star online ratings and how their “lessons learned” about online reviews might help your practice too.

Perception is Reality: Tackling Online Reputation Management

Pediatric Associates of Fairfield, OH is the region’s largest independently owned pediatric practice and the leading provider of comprehensive child and adolescent healthcare in Cincinnati, Ohio. With four locations, 11 providers, and several of their pediatricians recognized as the “Best of Cincinnati,” the practice’s average Google star rating did not reflect their reputation or the exceptional care they provide.

Limited reviews and a few “unhappy” patients caused their overall star rating to hover around three stars. That meant new patients searching online for a pediatrician were not getting an accurate snapshot of the practice or their outstanding reputation in their community. Because the overwhelming majority of their patients were extremely satisfied with the care they were receiving, they needed to find a way to collect positive reviews to improve their online reputation and findability on the web. But they also needed to manage the negative reviews of a “vocal minority” before they were posted online. 

The Power of Positive Reviews

Positive online reviews can serve as an incredibly powerful marketing tool that attracts new patients and builds trust with existing ones. When families search for a pediatric practice, they often turn to online reviews to gauge the experiences of current patients. Positive reviews can provide reassurance, showing that your practice is reputable and trustworthy. They can also highlight the exceptional care and services you provide, helping you stand out from other practices in your area. In today’s competitive healthcare industry, positive reviews are not just a nice-to-have; they are a necessity. 

Online reviews can also play a crucial role in fostering a sense of empowerment for parents. By giving them a platform to share their experiences, parents feel like active participants in their child’s healthcare journey. This not only helps to build a stronger bond between parents and healthcare providers but also empowers parents to advocate for their child’s needs and make informed choices.

Managing Negative Reviews

While positive reviews are vital, it’s also crucial to address and manage negative reviews effectively. Negative reviews can be detrimental to your practice’s reputation, and they can discourage potential patients from choosing you as their pediatrician. You must respond promptly and professionally to negative reviews, acknowledging the patient’s concerns and offering a solution, if possible. It’s even better if you can direct a negative review back to your practice for resolution before it reaches the internet. With Review Builder, you can do that.

Less than favorable reviews left by parents can offer a window into their experiences, allowing practices to identify areas for improvement and tailor their services accordingly. For example, if multiple reviews mention long wait times, a practice can take steps to improve scheduling and reduce wait times, enhancing the overall patient experience.

If you demonstrate that you value patient feedback and you’re willing to address concerns, you can mitigate the impact of negative reviews. It also shows prospective patients that you are willing to listen and you’re committed to providing excellent care.

Encouraging Patient Reviews

To build a strong online presence, you must take the first step and actively encourage your patients to submit reviews. Parents may not think to leave a review unless prompted, so implementing strategies to encourage feedback is critical. One effective method is to send automated follow-up emails or text messages immediately after appointments, requesting that patients share their experiences online. The questionnaire can be as simple as one question inquiring about their overall experience and allowing them to add comments if they choose.

“We have great patients and we knew if we asked them to complete a survey, they would, said Leah Markewicz, Chief Operating Officer at Pediatric Associates of Fairfield. Our staff is very committed to customer service, and we just knew we would get positive reviews.” After implementing Review Builder, that is exactly what happened.

Utilizing Social Media Platforms

In addition to traditional online Google reviews, social media platforms can be powerful tools that help build your online reputation. Establishing a presence on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter allows you to engage with your audience directly and showcase the unique aspects of your practice that help build a sense of community. 

By sharing educational content, photos of your staff, and updates about your practice, you can engage with your followers and encourage them to leave reviews on these platforms. Posting tips on child nutrition, discussing common illnesses, or highlighting important pediatric milestones provides value to parents and demonstrates your practice’s commitment to the well-being of your patients.

Social media also provides an opportunity to address any concerns or questions raised by patients publicly, showcasing your commitment to excellent customer service.

Leveraging Online Reputation Management Tools

Managing and monitoring your online reputation can be a demanding task, especially as your practice grows. Fortunately, a healthcare-specific online reputation management solution, such as Review Builder, can help streamline the process. These tools allow you to monitor online mentions of your practice, track and respond to reviews, and gather valuable insights about your online reputation on a user-friendly dashboard. 

By utilizing a reputation management platform, you can stay on top of your practice’s online presence and make informed decisions to improve your reputation. Building a strong list of recent, positive reviews allows new families to feel confident choosing your practice and helps your business thrive

Just a few short months after implementing Review Builder, Pediatric Associates of Fairfield, OH was able to significantly increase the number of positive reviews they received from patients and their families and went from a 3.2-star online rating to 4.89. Their slogan, “Where Evidence-Based Medicine Meets Caring Providers”, is the same evidence-based approach that also applies to marketing their practice. Making it easy for patients to find them and trust them is the first step in delivering exceptional care.

It’s Time to Grow Your Practice!

Embracing the power of online reviews is a vital step in growing your pediatric practice. By leveraging social media, prioritizing patient communication, and using reviews as a tool for improvement, you can build a strong online presence, attract new patients, and provide exceptional care to your patients. Embracing the power of online reviews can truly transform a pediatric practice, enabling it to thrive in an increasingly competitive healthcare landscape.

To learn how you can boost your practice’s online reviews with Review Builder, check out our latest client success story, “Unlocking the Power of Online Reviews to Attract More Patients to Your Pediatric Practice.” 

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