Let’s talk over coffee.

2021 CPT Coding Changes: OP is ready.

Let us show you how prepared OP is for the pending coding changes, and how we will help your independent pediatric practice thrive in 2021. Let’s do a 30 minute meet-and-greet, and for your time, we’ll send you your very own Keurig machine so you can make use of the coffee in your survival kit.

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Tick. Tock. Change is coming soon. 

OP is ready.  Are you?

To avoid negative impacts on your coding documentation, risk of audits, and cash flow, it’s crucial you start preparing for these changes now. Lean on the survival kit we sent you to make it through!  Set your countdown timer.* Enjoy your coffee. Then get a free Keurig to brew it after doing a casual (and virtual) meet-and-greet with OP.

Be sure to get your printable Coding Checklist and check out the additional 2021 Office Visit E/M Coding & Documentation Changes survival resources, we’ve created for you.  View resources >

Practice for the 2021 E/M Coding Changes
Watch a recording of a live, interactive event where Dr. Sue Kressly, MD, FAAP presents several case-based scenarios. After each case, you’re given the opportunity to test your coding skills. Get a better understanding of where you need to focus your efforts as you prepare for the coding changes. Practice coding without risking actual revenue. Watch the recording of this exciting event now.   

*To Set Your Timer: On the back of the timer, hold the “set” button until you see a number flashing. Push the “set” button until you get to the section of numbers you want to change. Press “up” or “down” to adjust that particular number. Keep hitting “set” until the screen stops flashing. Press the “up” button to start/pause the counting down. 

Book your 30-minute meet-and-greet and secure your Keurig 🙂