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Pediatric EHR

Founded over 25 years ago by a practicing pediatrician and her developer husband, OP has perfected practice workflows based on input from key pediatric thought leaders to become the market leader in Pediatric EHR Technology.


Manually tracking the immunization schedules for all your patients can be nearly impossible, causing missed opportunities to schedule patients in need of vaccinations. OP eliminates this problem by automating immunization tracking through our proprietary VacLogic™ algorithm.

Pediatric Billing Services

OP understands the unique billing challenges pediatricians face, such as the complex revenue claims cycle, vaccine administration coding, and combined well and sick charges during the same visit. Our billing specialists manage the ever-changing rules for payer requirements so you can focus on the things that matter most. With OP’s Pediatric Billing Services, you can keep your focus on patient care, not patient collections.

Practice Management

With the OP Practice Management System, you can more effectively manage visits, coordinate care and health records from various sources, manage your practice’s schedule, resources and bottom line. You can run reports and conduct your billing in a way that solves the most challenging situations specific to pediatrics.

OP Dashboards

Having your financial data in an easy-to-read format is critical to monitoring the fiscal health of your practice. With the OP Dashboards, you’ll have all the pertinent financial and coding data needed to help make the right decisions for your practice, right at your fingertips.

Population Health

Effective population health management requires a balanced set of metrics to profile and target improvements for your practice’s population. You need to have a plan for managing chronic conditions, strategies to orchestrate specialty care, and ways to identify your most vulnerable patients. OP provides several tools to help your practice reach and exceed your goals.

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