Keep patients happy, healthy, and within the medical home. With this powerful pediatric-specific telemedicine platform, OP clients can provide more convenient, accessible, and affordable care to the families they serve. In the new normal that has resulted from the pandemic, this solution is ideal for routine follow-up visits, sick visits, and consultations.


Telemedicine is a significant way for pediatric practices to increase revenue and decrease costs, enabling you to:

Reduce No-shows & Cancellations

Pediatric practices can have cancellation rates as high as 20%, which could be costing practices $125,000 a year, per provider. Telemedicine helps eliminate patient barriers leading to more completed visits, and less time spent trying to reschedule them.

Successfully Compete With Retail Clinics

Our technology gives patients easy and convenient access to their pediatrician, reducing loss to urgent care facilities, minute clinics, ER, or other out-of-network telehealth physicians. Smart routing allows you to create custom logic, and send patients on-demand to providers at your practice based on availability, or within the medical home when you are “offline”.

See More Patients & Streamline Your Day

Adding virtual visits can help your clinicians see more patients throughout the day, in less time. You can offer telemedicine for routine follow-ups, medication checks, consultations, behavioral health, chronic care management and more. Virtual visits tend to be shorter, which helps you become more efficient and achieve more revenue.

Key Features

  • Customizable settings to match your existing practice workflows
  • Smart routing based on clinician availability 
  • Monetize an average of 1 in 4 After Hours Triage calls

Telehealth Uses

Routine Follow-up Visits

Behavioral & Mental Health
Medication Checks
Chronic Conditions & more

On-demand Sick Visits

Cold Symptoms
Rash & Laceration
Pink Eye & more


Adoption & Foreign Travel
Nutrition & more

Adding telemedicine for your patients improves access to care, drives down overall costs and is more convenient for modern families. A better patient and family experience lead to high satisfaction, contributing to a healthy bottom line. Try a virtual care visit today. Request a personalized demonstration.

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