Strategies for Introducing New Technology to Patients

Whether you’re seeing patients in person, via telehealth, or with a combination of both, technology is quickly becoming a necessary element to your pediatric practice’s success. 

Just look at the direction of the 21st Century Cures Act, which goes into effect April 5. Pediatric practices must be prepared for the upcoming changes to sharing information with patients and caregivers. 

If you have concerns that your staff members and your patients’ families will be resistant to change, or you’re worried about introducing new technology to your patients, I recommend you check out Phreesia’s blog post, “6 Strategies for Introducing New Technologies to Patients.” 

This piece includes several easy-to-understand tips, informed by Phreesia Research data, that explain how to prepare your team and your patients for new technologies. From training to communication to security, this blog post covers all you need to know when your practice is implementing new platforms.

To learn the strategies that will help your organization successfully introduce new technologies to your patients, read the full article here.

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