Pediatricians Coloring Outside the Lines

Office Practicum Medical Director Sue Kressly, M.D., recently was interviewed for a MedPage Today story about how pediatricians are handling the COVID-19 pandemic. A practicing pediatrician herself, Dr. Kressly is the owner of Kressly Pediatrics in Warrington, Pennsylvania, about 20 miles north of Philadelphia.

In the article, Dr. Kressly showcased her firsthand knowledge of pediatric practices and pediatricians’ abilities to “color outside the lines” during the COVID-19 crisis. Throughout the piece, she shared valuable insights for fellow pediatricians and practice owners as they navigate the current operational and financial challenges.

Kressly Pediatrics’ “well team” offers well visits and immunizations during the morning hours, based on the American Academy of Pediatrics’ recommendation to continue these services, especially for infants and young children. Delaying well visits for adolescents is OK.

Then, in the afternoons, the “sick team” performs telehealth visits and operates a drive-through clinic in the parking lot. It was one of these car visits that caught the attention of the MedPage Today writer who described Dr. Kressly, suited up in PPE, climbing into the backseat of a patient’s car. Based on a phone conversation with the patient’s parent, Dr. Kressly knew the 12-year-old boy had some sort of respiratory virus, possibly even COVID-19.

The story went on to discuss the importance of creative solutions — even during difficult economic times — to meet the needs of patients and practices. Dr. Kressly stressed how crucial it is for pediatric practices to maintain good business practices, so they are ready for the recovery phase. “Otherwise, kids won’t have access to care,” she said.

Following the car visit, Dr. Kressly returned to the clinic and scrubbed in, to the tune of “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees. She empathized with physicians who worry about the unknown, understanding that their concerns stem from the promise to do no harm.

To read the full story, visit the MedPage Today website.

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