The Key to a Stress-Free Flu Season? Planning Starts Now!

The fall wave of flu season might feel far away, but smart pediatric practices know that the key to a successful (and stress-free!) flu season is planning ahead. From vaccine ordering and inventory management to identifying at-risk patients and streamlining those crucial flu clinics – there’s a lot to handle. While flu shots and clinics require extra time and effort, having the right tools in place can make the process seamless and stress-free.

Is planning for flu season a stressful time at your practice? If you said, “yes”, there is a better way to manage it! Imagine patients self-scheduling appointments, knowing exactly how much vaccine you have on hand, or getting flu clinic patients in and out the door in two minutes. It’s all possible when you have the right tools.

Stress-Free Flu Season Solutions for Pediatricians

A pediatric-focused EHR is specifically designed to streamline flu season management. Automating time-consuming tasks like patient recalls, immunization tracking, and self-scheduling ensures your practice is well-equipped to handle the surge in patient volume during flu season. Here’s a deeper look at how it transforms your workflow:

Leverage Your Data for Effective Flu Clinic Outreach 

Forget combing through charts! The right pediatric EHR lets you easily identify at-risk patients. Demographic Analysis and Recall (DAR) reports make it easy by allowing you to filter patients by diagnosis code, age, and other key demographics. With a few clicks, you can generate a list of high-risk patients to target for flu shot reminders and appointments.

Vaccine Management Made Easy

Real-time inventory tracking eliminates the stress of shortages and lets you see at a glance what your vaccine stock looks like to make informed ordering decisions. That means you’ll never have to worry about under or overstocking again! Integrated vaccine forecasting gives you an instant view of each patient’s immunization needs so you always provide accurate care. Need to update your immunization records with your state? Forget handwritten reports and spreadsheets. Use an integrated bi-directional immunization registry interface to transmit your reports in seconds.

Get the Word Out!

Looking for a quick way to let your patients know about your flu clinic or vaccine availability? Use use automated messages to send the initial notification that flu clinic scheduling is now open. It’s so much faster than having your staff reach out to thousands of patients individually, saving you time and money.

Self-Scheduling Saves the Day (and Your Staff’s Time!)

Give parents the power to schedule flu clinic appointments through your patient portal and free up your staff’s time. Families can easily view the flu clinic schedule and self-book appointments at their convenience – no more playing phone tag with your front desk! When an appointment is booked, the flu shot template is automatically added to the patient’s chart with a standing order, ensuring efficiency on flu clinic day.

Reduce No-Shows

Automated reminders help keep patients on track, leading to fewer no-shows and a smoother clinic flow. Send targeted flu shot scheduling reminders a day or two before an appointment directly from the system – text, email, or even voice messages. It increases engagement and ensures flu clinic appointments get filled. By reducing missed appointments, you can maximize your revenue, your staff’s time, and your vaccine supply.

Streamlined Efficiency

Pre-populated templates and intuitive workflows make quick flu visits a reality. In just TWO minutes, you can open encounters, administer the vaccine, document, and move on – minimal clicks and zero hassle! Don’t forget that you can also send VIS and immunization updates directly to the portal, saving time and printing costs.

Planning Pays Off

With the right pediatric tools, tackling flu season becomes manageable. Imagine being confident in your vaccine supply, having a full schedule of flu clinic appointments, and staff who aren’t overwhelmed. That peace of mind starts by taking action now.

Don’t wait until the Fall! Schedule a demo today to see how OP’s pediatric-focused EHR can help your practice prepare for flu season seamlessly. We offer innovative solutions to streamline vaccine management, simplify scheduling, optimize flu clinic operations, and manage every aspect of your flu season workflow with ease.


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