Vaccines - Office Practicum


Flu season can be a challenging time for pediatric practices as they navigate increased patient visits, concerns from parents, and the potential for outbreaks. To ensure your practice is ready to handle the flu season effectively, it's crucial to take proactive steps and follow the recommended guidelines. In this blog, we'll provide essential tips and resources to help you prepare your pediatric practice for flu season. 1. Stay Informed and Educate Your Staff Keeping up-to-date with the latest information on the flu and flu vaccines is fundamental. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) offers credible resources and guidance on flu...

We are fortunate that diseases like polio, mumps, and diphtheria are now words most young people only know from history lessons — not from first-hand experience with the diseases that were an ever-present danger decades ago. Thanks to the heroic vaccination efforts of physicians, many diseases have been eradicated or are much less prevalent today. Vaccinations play a significant role in pediatric success. To explain the history and impact on society as a whole, OPs Medical Director Dr. Dan Feiten, and OPs Clinical Director Dr. Rich Szabo joined our podcast to discuss “Success Against Diseases: The History of Vaccination”. Here are some...


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