The Power of Data in Patient Care and Practice Growth

Pediatric practices pride themselves on providing their patients with timely and comprehensive care that keeps kids healthy and up-to-date on their immunizations — creating a solid foundation for lifelong health. But to do this, pediatricians need a foolproof and efficient way to run patient recalls for well visits, immunizations, and chronic care conditions. That’s where OP’s Demographic Analysis and Recall (DAR) reporting functionality comes in. It’s a game-changer for pediatric healthcare providers that transforms patient care and practice growth by mining data readily available in their patients’ records.

To find out how pediatric practices effectively leverage their data to provide better care, we talked with OP Community member Kateri Haskett, CEO of Pediatric Associates, PSC, the largest independent pediatric practice in Northern Kentucky. Kateri shared her insights about the value of the DAR’s reporting capabilities, which she uses to recall patients for well visits, track kids who are due or overdue for vaccines, manage patients with chronic care needs, and plan for future growth at her pediatric practice. Here’s a snapshot of their success story.

Using the DAR lets us bring patients in on the right schedule, so we can avoid the emergency.

Keeping Kids on Track for Well Visits

Pediatric care has long relied on adherence to schedules outlined by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) to provide crucial preventive care, including vaccinations and screenings. However, practices often grapple with the complexities of recalling patients, leading to missed opportunities for essential care and increased revenue. Fortunately, the DAR reports provided in OP offer a comprehensive solution that empowers pediatric practices to manage patient recalls quickly and efficiently.

Using DAR reports to find kids due and overdue for preventive care significantly increases the number of scheduled well visits, ensuring children receive essential care at the appropriate times. By aligning appointments with recommended schedules, Pediatric Associates, PSC witnessed a substantial boost in appointment bookings for teen patients. Timely recall messages led to a 35% increase in scheduled appointments in this oftentimes hard-to-engage age group.

Moreover, the practice witnessed other noteworthy statistics: 15% of all patients scheduled appointments the same day they received recall notifications, showcasing the effectiveness of the system. They also achieved a 20% increase in preventive care visits using the DAR.

The DAR ensures we are finding all the kids that need to be brought up-to-date and gets them in to get vaccinated.

Increasing Vaccination Rates

Pediatric Associates, PSC’s success story doesn’t stop there. The DAR functionality proved invaluable in optimizing vaccination rates, particularly for vaccines like HPV, which are known for adherence challenges in the two-dose series. Leveraging this tool to identify patients due for their second Trumenba dose, the practice achieved an exceptional 98% vaccination rate, staying true to its commitment to safeguarding children’s health.

Often, the data yields surprises, from revealing high vaccination rates to pinpointing areas for improvement, like the HPV second-dose rate. Kateri underscores the continual learning derived from analyzing DAR-generated data. Reflecting on its impact, she noted, “It’s had a significant influence on series completion, and it’s been instrumental in identifying patients who might have chosen not to vaccinate.”

Managing Chronic Care

The practice also utilizes DAR reports to manage chronic care patients, ensuring those with ongoing health concerns receive timely and consistent care. DAR reports also help the practice identify potential candidates for Synagis during RSV season and assist in recalling children with ADHD for necessary med checks and treatment plan evaluations. The ability to run reports by diagnosis, medical condition, age, and “last seen” date can pinpoint exactly who needs to be recalled, saving countless hours of staff time combing through charts and trying to make sure all patients are accounted for.

We make provider hiring decisions based on what our schedule looks like. Is there pent-up demand that is not being seen, or not being seen in my office?

A Planning Tool for Strategic Growth

Beyond patient care, the DAR can be used as a strategic tool for practice management and growth. It assists in staffing decisions, ensures alignment with patient demand, and aids in meeting quality measures and payer-specific metrics. Pediatric Associates, PSC’s proactive approach based on demographic analysis and recall reports validated the need to hire a new provider to accommodate the practice’s accelerated growth, resulting in a new source of revenue.

The versatility of DAR reports was evident, serving multiple purposes beyond recalls. From managing chronic care and planning flu clinics to making smart hiring decisions and understanding the payer mix, these reports became instrumental in every facet of pediatric practice management.

Pediatric Associates, PSC stands as a testament to the transformative power of data-driven strategies in healthcare. By leveraging DAR reports, they ensure timely well visits, optimize vaccination rates, manage chronic conditions effectively, and make informed decisions for practice growth. Their commitment to excellence in patient care and operational efficiency sets a benchmark for pediatric practices navigating the evolving landscape of healthcare. 

With the right pediatric tools, you can have the same success too!

To learn more about DAR reporting and how it can benefit your pediatric practice, read our full client success story, “From Insights to Impact: The Power of Data in Patient Care and Practice Growth.”

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