Transforming Pediatric Patient Care with a Custom Website

In today’s digital age, your website isn’t just a digital brochure; it’s a vital tool for building trust and providing valuable resources to your patients. Pediatric Healthcare Associates of Fairfield, Connecticut, understood this well and set out on a journey to revamp their online presence.

Continue reading to learn how a custom website can enhance patient engagement and help market your pediatric practice so you stand out in today’s competitive healthcare landscape.

The Importance of Partnering with Pediatric Experts

Pediatric Healthcare Associates (PHA) of Fairfield, Connecticut, the largest independently owned pediatric practice situated in Connecticut’s Gold Coast, was facing a common challenge—a dated website that hindered patient engagement. Navigating the website was a challenge, and it lacked the customization needed to deliver the tailored experience PHA desired. 

To address these issues, PHA partnered with RemedyConnect, a trusted provider of practice marketing solutions. What set RemedyConnect apart was its ability to create a fully customized website that met PHA’s pediatric-focused needs. Cindi Caputo, PHA’s Marketing Manager, was impressed from the start. “I interviewed RemedyConnect, and I just knew right away that this was the company we wanted to work with,” she said. “With Remedy, they just give you exactly what you want.” The transition from PHA’s old website to the new one designed by RemedyConnect was smooth. RemedyConnect’s expertise in building pediatric practice websites with pediatric medical content ensured that everything fell into place just as the practice envisioned.

Creating a Pediatric-Focused User Experience

PHA’s new website excelled in offering a wealth of information and resources specifically tailored to pediatric patients and their families. Parents could now find answers to common healthcare questions without the need for a phone call, reducing non-medical inquiries to the practice. “The triage nurses refer parents to the website a lot, and it has cut down on our triage calls significantly. Patients are now visiting the website first to use our symptom checker, as opposed to calling our office right away,” says Cindi. “I’ve gotten very positive feedback from our parents and our staff.” 

Another advantage of the new website customization is the ability to post notifications, such as weather emergencies or revised holiday hours, directly to the home page. It cuts down on the number of non-medical calls a practice receives, freeing up valuable staff time throughout the day.

Marketing Your Practice Through Your Website

PHA’s website not only provided critical patient information but also facilitated the practice’s marketing efforts. Strong search engine optimization (SEO) helped Pediatric Healthcare Associates rank highly in online searches, making it easier for parents to find their practice. Additionally, the integration of RemedyConnect’s Scheduling Events Calendar streamlined class scheduling, attracting new patients while saving valuable time for the practice. 

The mobile-friendly design and the use of QR codes further enhanced the patient experience, meeting the tech-savvy parents where they are. “Our previous website wasn’t mobile-friendly, and now having one that is has made a big difference. Parents are searching for healthcare providers online, and most are using their cell phones when they do,” Cindi points out. 

To make things easier on tech-savvy parents, Cindi uses QR codes on flyers that point back to the practice website for patient education materials. That way, they can just scan it on their phone and get what they need. “The staff hears the parents commenting that they’re really happy they can get everything they need right there on their phone,” Cindi says. Their semi-custom mobile app is yielding similar results.

The Proof of Success

Since the launch of their new website, PHA has witnessed remarkable results. User engagement has increased by 16%, and their SEO efforts have generated over 3,000 backlinks. Most importantly, PHA now ranks at the top of the first page for key keyword phrases like “pediatrician near me” and “local pediatrician.” The positive impact on patient engagement and practice growth has exceeded expectations. Cindi Caputo sums up the experience: “You’re guaranteed a finished product that you’re going to love because that’s what they strive for…to make you happy with all the features that you want – and then some. They really go above and beyond. It’s just been a wonderful experience.”

Ready to Elevate Your Practice’s Online Presence?

Your website is the window to your practice. PHA’s success story with RemedyConnect is a testament to the transformative power of a well-designed, patient-focused website. Don’t let your online presence hold you back—invest in a website that works for you and your patients.

Read the full case study to learn more about Pediatric Healthcare Associates of Fairfield, Connecticut’s success with RemedyConnect.

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